kelly’s chic under 100

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Feminine Details.

Kelly here! Hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend. Today I wanted to round up some feminine style under $100. Lately, I can’t help but be drawn to pretty details and feminine looks – they’re oh so pretty and really versatile no matter what..

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Snow Bunny.

The first major snow hit here in NYC last weekend and it could not have been more magical. Admittedly, I spent most of it binge watching Mad Men reruns, but when I went outside it felt like walking into a real-life snowglobe.

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Wellness.

I know I had a overindulgent holiday, and am looking to restart my path to wellness via fitness, healthy consumption, and some new yoga practice. If you’re in the same boat (whether that’s via a new fitness routine or just a refreshed…

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: New Year’s Eve.

I can’t believe Christmas is already over & we’re looking forward to New Years! Hard to believe we’re already there. Today I’ve pulled together a ton of New Year’s Eve appropriate items… lots of glitter, faux fur, and champagne. It’s going to be a wonderful New Year’s with items that are within budget… and that can be hard to find while dressing up

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Home for the Holidays.

There’s only one strict rule on Christmas morning in my family: no dressing up! We wake up at the crack of dawn and caravan to my sister’s house while wearing our PJs and bearing gifts with smiling, makeup-free faces. And honestly, even though there are lots of photos and videos taken, I’m happy we keep it that way!

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Holiday Party Dressing.

It’s finally here!! Christmas music season! And with all that Christmas music, it also means lots of holiday events and parties. If you’ve been looking for affordable party outfits, you are in the right place. And you’d better believe..

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