A Little “Office” Makeover…

This might sound silly, but one of my goals this year is to actually sit at my desk when I’m working. Working from home is amazing in so many ways, but has been a bit rough on my back, shoulders, and neck as I’ve developed some not so great habits (staying in my pajamas all day, forgetting to eat lunch until 3pm

Apartment Updates + St. Frank Giveaway. (CLOSED)

About a year or so ago, there was a party for my sister’s fabric by the yard line over at Studio Four. I know so little about home design (and textiles for that matter) so I always enjoy going to events with my sister as I end up learning a lot. That time around, she introduced me to Christina Bryant…

Decking the Halls…

This post could also be called, how to decorate when you have no space and a cat! Even though I live in a tiny apartment, I still get really into decorating for the holidays. The holidays are my favorite time of year and I love making my space feel festive + fun.

Giveaway: Rebecca Atwood Designs. (CLOSED)

Most of you are aware by now that I have an incredibly talented sister. Or maybe you are already familiar with her work but didn’t realize we’re related (that happens a lot, too). Regardless, my sister’s line of textiles is pretty amazing. My apartment is decked out in pieces from her line and I’m constantly sending obnoxious requests… “can I have one of these? or one of those?

Apartment Updates + Frette Giveaway! (CLOSED)

The change of seasons always inspires me to make changes around my apartment. I did a hefty dose of Fall cleaning, and added a few new touches, and Frette reached out, offering to help me upgrade my bedding. But I don’t get to have all of the fun. One lucky Stripe reader will win the duvet + sheets from their ultra luxurious Charme Hotel collection… and $825 value!

Home: Blue & White Bohemian.

In my both my personal style and my home decor, I’ve always struggled a little bit as there are two conflicting personalities at war: the girl who who loves all things classic, clean lines, + blue and white… and my inner hippie who wants to run around in embroidered dresses, sit on Moroccan cushions on the floor

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