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Kelly’s Chic Under $100: New Year’s Eve.

I can’t believe Christmas is already over & we’re looking forward to New Years! Hard to believe we’re already there. Today I’ve pulled together a ton of New Year’s Eve appropriate items… lots of glitter, faux fur, and champagne. It’s going to be a wonderful New Year’s with items that are within budget… and that can be hard to find while dressing up

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.

December 26th can always feel a little anti-climatic so I am happy to share some really good news… Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale has started! Save up to 50% off of dresses, sweaters, denim, and more. I have this tunic sweater

Gift Guide 2016: The Connoisseur.

Annd we’re to the home stretch. Our last gift guide of the holiday season. Lucky number nineteen. Today’s guide is for the connoisseur. This person appreciates life’s little pleasures. Delicious ice cream, a book that will turn them into an instant wine expert, truffle salt (my personal guilty pleasure – I put it on everything…

Gift Guide 2016: Wellness / The Resolutioner.

This gift guide is for the person who is really in shape, trying to get in shape, or maybe just wants a little bit of motivation to get back to the gym. Right now I am sadly a combination of the second + third. I have been sticking with my training sessions 2-3x a week but all of the travel has me all over the place. I miss my regular runs along the…

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Home for the Holidays.

There’s only one strict rule on Christmas morning in my family: no dressing up! We wake up at the crack of dawn and caravan to my sister’s house while wearing our PJs and bearing gifts with smiling, makeup-free faces. And honestly, even though there are lots of photos and videos taken, I’m happy we keep it that way!

Gift Guide 2016: Shop Small.

This is probably my favorite gift guide of all. As much as I love the convenience of shopping at my favs like Nordstrom + Shopbop, I love love love supporting smaller designers. This is for two reasons. When you shop small, your often helping to support an individual vs. a huge company… and when you shop small you can often find gifts…

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