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Fall Wish List.

Fall is, hands down, my favorite season to shop for. My summer uniform is basically just cut-offs + tees and little white dresses. There’s nothing wrong with that, but once the weather cools off I like to go for a bit more of a polished, sophisticated vibe. Nearly everything on this list is black, and while I don’t plan on wearing only black…

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Transitional Pieces.

Fall is nearly here and I could not be more excited! It’s the time of year that New York becomes its most beautiful, and you can actually dress well without overheating or freezing. With all the fun new products hitting stores (I can’t resist picking up a few ahead-of-season items this time of year!), we wanted to put together something a little more transitional.

The Best (Chic) Workout Gear.

I will be honest. The concept of athleisure is still kind of lost on me. Or rather, the concept of athleisure where you go from the gym to cocktails or brunch is lost on me. You really expect me to wear my sweaty gym garb to brunch? Hell freaking no. I like to be clean, and I like to look nice, and I don’t care how cute those leggings are… if I’ve been sweating in them…

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: The Hamptons.

I know I’ve written about vacation wear a number of times here, but the heat is REALLY not going anywhere, and it’s all I can think about shopping for right now. Boots and coats are still very low on my shopping list, even though fall products are already hitting stores! This weekend I snuck off to the beach in Brooklyn but was really itching to make it out to the Hamptons.

My Top Ten Hostess Gifts.

This time of year my calendar is packed with either weekend trips to visit friends and loved ones, or housewarming parties (Is it just me, or does everyone I know have an 8/1 or 9/1 lease!) For that reason, today we are rounding up the best hostess gifts! I always try to remember that my host is probably a bit stressed. Your goal is to make his or her life a little easier.

August 2016 Reading List.

This month’s reading list is a longer one… but the great thing is that nearly all of these books can be read in a day or two if you’re a fast reader (I am). Lots of good beach books, this month – I really (more or less) enjoyed them all!!!

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