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Fourth of July Sales.

Happy Fourth of July! I’m putting off this weekend’s reading list until tomorrow (but be sure to come back… it’s a good one!) in favor of sharing a few fourth of July sales that are too good to miss! I stayed in the city for the weekend and have a low key day planned.. and then going over to my sister’s apartment in Park Slope a bit later to celebrate and hopefully see some fireworks!

Fourth of July Style.

This is kinda weird, but the fourth of July is one of my favorite occasions to get dressed for. Stripes are (obviously) my favorite, but I’ve also always had a thing for stars, too. And at least 75% of my wardrobe is either red, white, or blue, so there’s that.

Summer Must Haves.

And just like that, summer is here! The season of little dresses, coral lips, fun sunglasses… I could go on. Today I am rounding up several (twenty two, to be exact) of my favorite things for summer. On the sunglasses front, I’ve always been a big Ray-Ban girl and while I love my pink mirrored aviators + classic Wayfarers so much…

The Best Summer Jewelry.

Once it gets warm up, I switch up my jewelry game immediately. My heaviest pieces get put away until it gets cooler outside, and I tend to focus more upon my ear game, either going for sweet studs (how cute are these?) or something a little edgier like a crawler or threader drops. That’s not to say I won’t wear a big necklace… it just can’t be heavy! This necklace

The 10 Best Summer Dresses Under $100.

Dresses are far and away my favorite thing to shop for come summer, but I don’t love spending a ton of money on them. For that reason, today I have rounded up the 10 best summer dresses under $100. There are a few in here that I still can’t believe made the under $100 cut-off (this + this!), and I’m sure they’ll go quickly, so if you love them as much as I do, I’d recommend scooping ’em up pronto!

Wanted: Embroidered Everything!

I feel like I’m in constant pursuit of the perfect little embroidered dress. Although I have SO many, I’m always finding more + more that I love. It’s a bit of a (manic?) obsession. I have a penchant for anything blue + white in particular, and scooped up this dress over the weekend…