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Great Fall Style at Every Price.

A question that I get asked a lot is… “If I can only buy a few things for Fall, what should they be!?” And so I’ve been thinking a lot about Fall basics and the things you really need this season. These are the fifteen items that in my opinion are absolute must-haves… (at every price point).  You probably have a lot of them already, and the best part is that they all go together so well.

Casual and Classic.

Is it just me, or did Fall arrive overnight this weekend? Suddenly the air is crisp and cool and summer feels so far away. It’s crazy how it happened so quickly. As I’ve mentioned here before, my style is getting a lot more casual and a lot more classic. I’ve found myself wearing a lot of plaid, a lot of army green, and avoiding high heels whenever possible…

Feminine Fall Style.

…Just some pretty, girly pieces that I can’t take my eyes off of. As much as I like pieces that feel cool and chic (and NYC-ready), at the end of the day, I just like looking pretty. All of these things are just. so. pretty, and mix and match so well together! I’d pair this dress with these pretty pink pumps, (maybe topping ’em off with this coat).

Black & White

It’s funny. My summer wardrobe is so colorful, but once Fall hits, I start wearing a ton of black. Right now I’m craving graphic black and white staples. The best part of a black and white color palette is how easily everything mixes and matches together. Wearing pattern on pattern is easy when everything falls within the such a neutral…

Fall Shoe Guide.

Like it or not, Fall is here. I’m sad to say goodbye to summer, but truthfully, Fall shopping is my favorite. During the summer, I care less about investment items (as everything gets yucky between running around the city and going to the beach) but Fall is when I become really mindful about what items I’m adding to my wardrobe…

Classic Fall Style.

I know that I mentioned this in another post but prior to leaving to Hawaii, I did a massive closet and apartment clean out. I wanted to return from vacation to an apartment that felt serene and relaxing (rather than overly cluttered and chaotic, which had become the case). As a part of that…

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