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Gift Guide: The Frequent Flyer

Today’s gift guide is for that girl (or guy) who is always on the go. I feel like there are so many great gifts out there for the frequent traveler that are not only thoughtful and fun, but also extremely practical. From this universal charger (I seriously need one) to this mini humidifier

Giveaway: $1,000 in Diamonds from Mined (Charm & Chain!)

Today’s giveaway is for the diamond lover. I know that diamonds are sort of unpopular and that no one likes them, but I hope at least a few of you will enter. (In case the sarcasm didn’t translate; GET READY – THIS IS THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!) Last week, my friends at Charm & Chain..

Gift Guide: The Girly Girl / Always Overdressed.

This afternoon’s gift guide could also be titled, “What to get Grace.” So many feminine girly things. The pink Manolos I’ve been crushing on (I have the green heels and desperately want a pair of the flats next!), a gorgeous jewelry box, and so many other lovely, elegant things. (And also a few of my tried and true favorites…

Gift Guide: The Mixologist / Barfly / Party Girl.

Today’s gift guide was one of my favorites to put together, as I personally really love every single thing I featured! It’s for the cocktail obsessive. Maybe he/she is a budding mixologist, or perhaps they are just always out. Either way, everything I’ve included here is lighthearted, fun, and perfect for the person who takes their cocktails seriously.

Shopbop Sale.

Annnnd the Black Friday sales + steals are a starting! I am going to have a bigger round-up of everything you need to know later this week, but in the meantime I wanted to highlight my favorite sale of all… The Shopbop sale! It started this morning at 7am, and is the one sale you really need to know about (and shop early…

Birchbox Holiday Picks… + $500 Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I’m really excited about today’s giveaway with my friends over at Birchbox! If you haven’t checked out their holiday shop, you must. So many great gifts. Awesome value sets, under $25 items, and even a whole shop just for the guys. Birchbox is always at the forefront of the beauty scene (especially when it comes to…

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