Iced Dirty Chai Latte.

Have you ever tried a dirty chai latte? It’s a latte (iced or hot) with a shot of espresso. I’ve always thought that chai lattes were delicious and indulgent, but more in the dessert sense (as opposed to the helping me function sense, as I rely on my iced coffee for the sake of productivity!) This is the best of both worlds.. flavorful, delicious chai… with a kick!

Steve’s Lobster Roll Recipe.

One of our family’s summer traditions is that my brother-in-law Steve (and my sister Becca) make lobster rolls. This year, I convinced them to let me help out… and to let me document the process for the blog as their lobster rolls are SO good. You probably know this by now (I mean, first this post and then this one)…

Salted Caramel Sundae Recipe.

One of my favorite childhood memories is of making ice cream sundaes with my mom and sisters. I literally grew up in a restaurant (our house is attached to the restaurant) so we always had homemade chocolate sauce + caramel sauce on hand. And today, I love making homemade caramel sauce when I have friends over for dinner… it seems like such an extravagant/time-consuming touch, but it’s really just melted butter + sugar.

How to Do a Blowout At Home.

By now, if you read here regularly, you know about my DreamDry addiction. How to do a blow out just didn’t seem like a skill set I’d ever master. I’ve always had the hardest time blowing out + taming my (super thick, naturally wavy) mane of hair. Alas, today, I managed to convince Jay to teach me his best tricks so that we can all get Kate Middleton hair – at home!

Cocktail: The Royal Promise.

Did you know that this week is actually Negroni Week? On Tuesday I attended an event to kick things off, where six different mixologists from around the city shared negroni-inspired cocktails. I tasted them all, but my favorite was the Royal Promise, created by Erick Castro of Boilermaker. Lucky for us, I tracked down the recipe… so that we can all make this cocktail at home!

Fishtail Braid Tutorial.

And we’re back with another hair tutorial! This time around, we have a fishtail braid tutorial. One thing I love about this braid is that it’s really versatile. You can leave the braid neat and tidy for a polished look, or pull on the tail to mess it up and fatten the braid up a bit. It’s the perfect summer braid and so fun + easy! The key to nailing this look is really in the prep work, which we’ll get to.

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