Cocktail Hour: The Grapefruit Negroni.

A few weeks ago I was planning out my February content calendar and looking through my my cocktails archive to see where the holes were. I was shocked to see that I’ve actually never shared a Negroni recipe here with you. The horror! Seriously though, the Negroni is my favorite…

Cocktail Hour: The French 75.

Today’s cocktail hour is inspired by my friend Deirdre. Besides being an amazing DJ + champagne & oyster enthusiast/connoisseur, she’s also the jewelry designer behind Candy Shop Vintage. For Christmas, she gave me this amazing charm bracelet¬†which has all the ingredients you need to make the French 75…

The Perfect Moscow Mule.

I love, love, love a good Moscow Mule. It’s light and refreshing, and the perfect alternative this time of year to all of the hot beverages we’ve been indulging in. This recipe has taken me a bit of time to perfect, and I have to say two things. First of all, it’s all about finding the right ginger beer…

DIY Baby’s Breath Pine Tree Arrangement.

My third floral arrangement with L’Atelier Rouge might just be my favorite, because a) it’s incredibly creative, and b) it’s a great way to repurpose something you probably already have… your Christmas tree! This one, while easy to make, does take quite a bit of time…

DIY Poinsettia Holiday Centerpiece.

And L’Atelier Rouge and I are back at it again. Last week, we made this simple but elegant wreath floral arrangement with white flowers, pine, + cypress. Today’s centerpiece is even easier to make. You’ll need sago palm leaves, strelitzia leaves, some gold spray paint, and a white poinsettia plant.

DIY Holiday Floral Arrangement.

And today, we’re trying something new! If you’re a regular reader, you know that I love a good DIY, but when it comes to floral arrangement, I’m definitely a novice. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn about, but my own centerpieces usually consist of bodega roses + maybe a little bit of greenery.

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