DIY Multicolor Tassel Earrings.

A while back, my friend Jenn wore the most fabulous multi-color tassel earrings on her blog. I immediately clicked over, thinking about buying a pair… but then when I got a better glance at them, I realized how easy they would be to make on my own… those big statement …

DIY Double Pom Pom Beanie.

One of my goals for the year is to do more DIY tutorials over here! Crafting is one of my greatest loves… and I always had so much fun creating these tutorials for you but I found myself in a bit of a rut when it came to making things I …

DIY Gilded Tray.

About a month or so ago, I had the opportunity to attend a DIY workshop with Amy Howard and Ace Hardware. If you are not familiar with Amy, you should be – she is one of the most creative and inspiring people I’ve ever met. She is a leading…

How to Make Frosé!

Here in New York, all that anyone and everyone can seem to talk about is FROSÉ. Yes, you heard that right – and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A delicious, frozen rosé slushy of sorts. I was having massive FOMO (fear of missing out) as I was traveling…


Last summer, the boozy popsicles at The Butcher’s Daughter became a bit of a problem for me. So yummy, refreshing… and boozy! I set out to make my own at home and they just never came out as well as I would have liked to.

Cocktail Hour: Healthy(ish) Berry Margarita.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! If you are a regular reader in these parts then you probably know two things: First, I am very health and wellness focused. I try to eat as clean as possible and work out quite a bit. Second, I never shy away from a good cocktail.

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