Recipe: Blue Apron’s Turkey Kibbeh with Cucumber Salad.

If you are a regular reader in these parts, then you know two things: One: At 33 years old, I consider myself a beginner at cooking and two, I am doing everything in my power to change that! I’ve spent years being “too busy” to cook, racing from work to drinks to events to this thing and the next, and just hadn’t made cooking at home much of a priority. It’s definitely a New York thing, especially as groceries here are oftentimes more expensive than takeout!

Beach Waves Hair Tutorial.

And we’re baaackkk, with a beach waves hair tutorial. In case you missed it, I’ve teamed up with my friend + stylist Jay Jackson from DreamDry to bring you a series of hair tutorials. We’re aiming for two a month, so if you have any suggestions or things you’d like to learn, please tell me in the comments! So far we’ve done a crown braid two ways + a Game of Thrones inspired braid

Cocktail: The Paloma.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As promised, I’m back with a little cocktail recipe for you. Last Friday, one of my friends and I took a Britney Spears Soul Cycle class and wound up over at Cafe El Presidente in Flatiron (NYC friends – you have to go, if you haven’t been… it’s from the same people that brought us Tacombi and the tacos are SO good!) I wanted something a little more refreshing, so instead of a margarita, I opted for a Paloma.

Hair Tutorial: Game of Thrones Braid.

Guys, Game of Thrones is back, and I am super pumped about it. It felt as though as I’d been waiting forever. (If you’re not a fan of the show, I would definitely recommend checking out the first season on Netflix… you may find yourself addicted.) It’s one of my favorites… so much that I named my cat Tyrion after one of the main characters.)

Recipe: Vegan Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Oil.

I’m really excited about today’s recipe post. I’ve been messing around with everyone else’s recipes, but for today’s post, this is actually my own little recipe. I was blown away by how it turned out (I know that sounds really humble of me, but I’m still rather skeptical of anything that comes out of my own kitchen.)

Beauty Tutorial: The Crown Braid, Two Ways.

Upon transitioning down to a more flexible schedule, one of the first things I did was reach out to my friend Jay to see if he’d be game to work on a series of hair tutorials. Jay (Jackson) is my most favorite stylist at DreamDry and also senior stylist/educator and member of their creative team. The man is majorly talented. He first did my hair for this event