Cocktail Hour: Healthy(ish) Berry Margarita.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! If you are a regular reader in these parts then you probably know two things: First, I am very health and wellness focused. I try to eat as clean as possible and work out quite a bit. Second, I never shy away from a good cocktail.

DIY Aquazzura-inspired Pom Pom Sandals.

I can’t be the only one who is/was completely and utterly obsessed with Aquazzura’s Pom Pom Sandals, right? I also can’t be the only one who balked at the $795 price tag and thought… “I could probably just make something similar.” This tutorial is crazy easy. I ended up going with a softer color palette (pinks + blush tones) but…

Cocktail Hour: Strawberry White Wine Spritzer.

If you know me well or have been reading this blog for a long time, you can probably tell that I’m never one to shy away from a stiff drink. But sometimes I just want something light, delicious, and drinkable. Especially when the temperatures warm up…

Cocktail Hour: The Orange Blossom

Today’s cocktail hour is a delicious one… and the perfect way to bring a little bit of sunshine and nature into your daily life during this dreary weather! Meet the Orange Blossom. This cocktail was very popular back during Prohibition (especially amongst the flapper set) as orange juice was the …

Cocktail Hour: The Garden Maid.

Today’s cocktail hour is a delicious one… and it would be perfect as a (slightly classier than green beer?) St. Patrick’s Day treat. It involves the most refreshing ingredients – cucumber and mint… along with St. Germain which has always been one of my favorites…

Cocktail Hour: Penicillin.

What if I told you that you could cure your cold AND get a little bit tipsy, all at the same time? Okay, I’m not making any claims here… but if you are sick and insist upon having a cocktail, this should be it. It’s infused with honey, ginger, and lemon… all the things you need..

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