February Reading List.

Before we dive into this month’s book list, did you read this article? Apparently, with all the time we spend on social media, we could be reading two hundred books a year. Two hundred. That blew me away. As you know by now, I am quite the bookworm. I average about …

January Reading List.

I read a lot this month. Blame it on being home for the holidays. But also, there was an unfortunate little incident with Apple, where I was locked out of my account and couldn’t watch any TV (I don’t have cable..

November + December Reading List.

I have, in all honesty, been a bad reader! November + December were very heavy with both work projects… and when work gets really busy I tend to watch more TV and read fewer books. BUT! I have something exciting to share with you…. my developers and I have been very busy and we have added in a new interactive book finder: meet our Book Club page!

October Reading List.

This month, I only read five books. I mean, five books isn’t that bad when you think about it… it’s pretty good! But last month, I read seven. We’ll blame Fall TV. But also, a few of these books (especially The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto) just took a little…

September Reading List.

Hi, my name is Grace and I really like to read. A lot. Possibly too much, if reading too much can be a thing? I am from the camp that people need to read more, but I may possibly be a dying breed. So. Last month, I mentioned my…

Rebecca Atwood Living With Pattern.

You guys. My sister wrote a book! Not just any book. The most beautiful book, ever. I am so proud. And today’s the big day – it’s finally for sale. So you should probably order it. Right now. I’m not saying it just because I’m her sister. It’s the prettiest, most …

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