September Reading List.

Hi, my name is Grace and I really like to read. A lot. Possibly too much, if reading too much can be a thing? I am from the camp that people need to read more, but I may possibly be a dying breed. So. Last month, I mentioned my…

Rebecca Atwood Living With Pattern.

You guys. My sister wrote a book! Not just any book. The most beautiful book, ever. I am so proud. And today’s the big day – it’s finally for sale. So you should probably order it. Right now. I’m not saying it just because I’m her sister. It’s the prettiest, most …

August 2016 Reading List.

This month’s reading list is a longer one… but the great thing is that nearly all of these books can be read in a day or two if you’re a fast reader (I am). Lots of good beach books, this month – I really (more or less) enjoyed them all!!!

July 2016 Reading List.

I did a lot of reading this month. It was partially because I broke my TV (oops), but still… reading just feeds my soul. There are months where I really invest in myself with what I’m reading. Books that will help me learn more about myself, books that will help me to grow my business… historical non-fiction, classic literature.

June 2016 Reading List.

I am and always will be a bit of a bookworm. But lately, I’ve gotten a bit off track. I blame TV. Specifically… The Blacklist, Quantico, Scandal, Southern Charm… and most recently, The Night Manager. Oof. I’m a total TV addict. The last book that I read and really enjoyed was Sunday’s on the Phone to Mondays.

Giveaway + Interview: Lulu Frost x The Clasp.

When I found out that Lulu Frost was collaborating with author Sloane Crosley, mild freakout ensued. Their collaboration represents a collision of my two most favorite things: jewelry and literature. You know by now that Lulu Frost is one of my absolute favorite jewelry designers (more on that here, here, and here) but Sloane is one of my favorite authors.

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