October Reading List.

This month, I only read five books. I mean, five books isn’t that bad when you think about it… it’s pretty good! But last month, I read seven. We’ll blame Fall TV. But also, a few of these books (especially The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto) just took a little…

September Reading List.

Hi, my name is Grace and I really like to read. A lot. Possibly too much, if reading too much can be a thing? I am from the camp that people need to read more, but I may possibly be a dying breed. So. Last month, I mentioned my…

Rebecca Atwood Living With Pattern.

You guys. My sister wrote a book! Not just any book. The most beautiful book, ever. I am so proud. And today’s the big day – it’s finally for sale. So you should probably order it. Right now. I’m not saying it just because I’m her sister. It’s the prettiest, most …

August 2016 Reading List.

This month’s reading list is a longer one… but the great thing is that nearly all of these books can be read in a day or two if you’re a fast reader (I am). Lots of good beach books, this month – I really (more or less) enjoyed them all!!!

July 2016 Reading List.

I did a lot of reading this month. It was partially because I broke my TV (oops), but still… reading just feeds my soul. There are months where I really invest in myself with what I’m reading. Books that will help me learn more about myself, books that will help me to grow my business… historical non-fiction, classic literature.

June 2016 Reading List.

I am and always will be a bit of a bookworm. But lately, I’ve gotten a bit off track. I blame TV. Specifically… The Blacklist, Quantico, Scandal, Southern Charm… and most recently, The Night Manager. Oof. I’m a total TV addict. The last book that I read and really enjoyed was Sunday’s on the Phone to Mondays.

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