5 Tips + Tricks for Beautiful Winter Skin.

I don’t know about you all, but right about now is when my skin starts to freak out. Maybe it’s all the travel (airplane travel is another big culprit) but the heat in my building is making my skin so, so dry. Luckily, I’ve been living in New York City (heat-regulated) apartment with dry air for years and years (almost ten!) now so I’ve developed a cold-weather skin routine and gotten pretty good at dry skin prevention…

Stripe Talk: Jackson | Brooke on Natural Beauty.

If you read here regularly, then you know I’m a little bit of a beauty product obsessive, especially when it comes to the natural product scene. During my trip to Hawaii in September, I met Jen Conforti at my friend Jackie’s wedding. When I found out that on the side (she consults for fashion/ecommerce brands by day) she runs the natural beauty ecommerce shop Jackson Brooke, I had to know more. What an amazing side hustle!

Adventures in Korean Beauty.

Over the past year, I’ve become really fascinated by Korean Beauty. It started with a trip to The Face Shop in Chinatown (a must if you are in the NY area!) where my friend Becca and I loaded up on sheet masks and The Baby Foot Peel (read all about my experience with that here…) and has continued. I am fascinated by the non-traditional ingredients used in so many of these products, the cute packaging, and fun product names.

Boy Brow.

Guys. I am so excited about this afternoon’s post. You know by now (evidence here, here, and here) that I’m just a little bit eyebrow obsessed. I will do anything for thicker, fuller (but still tamed + defined) eyebrows. It’s at the point where I’ve thought about getting my brows permanently tattooed on, but I’m too much of a wimp – I hate needles.

Bath Season.

Here in New York, it felt as though winter arrived over the weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning and checked the weather before I headed out… forty eight degrees!? How!? Yesterday was also very chilly, and by the time I got home from our fall excursion in Long Island, there was only one thing I wanted to do: take a bath. I sat in the tub for an entire hour with a pile of magazines…

Stowaway Cosmetics Giveaway.

I’m pretty excited about this week’s giveaway. If you’re not already familiar with Stowaway Cosmetics, they make right sized cosmetics without sacrificing quality… designed to easily fit in your purse, travel bag, etc. Half the size of standard cosmetics, the products are designed to finish before they expire… (while also taking up half the valuable real estate inside your makeup bag!)

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