How to Apply Highlighter. (+ my 5 Favorites)

If there is one beauty product that I wasn’t using a few years ago but am obsessed with now, it’s highlighter. I didn’t quite understand all the hype but once I learned how to apply highlighter, I realized how badly I had been missing out. Highlighting, in my opinion, is the prettiest thing you can do to your face. I use it every single day, even on days where I don’t put anything else on my face.

Hair Tutorial: Game of Thrones Braid.

Guys, Game of Thrones is back, and I am super pumped about it. It felt as though as I’d been waiting forever. (If you’re not a fan of the show, I would definitely recommend checking out the first season on Netflix… you may find yourself addicted.) It’s one of my favorites… so much that I named my cat Tyrion after one of the main characters.)

My Favorite Body Products.

A couple months ago, I was in barre class and we were doing squats but had to grab our elbows to stretch out our shoulders. I grabbed for my right elbow and nearly screamed because my elbow was so incredibly dry that it didn’t even feel like skin. Disgusting. I can’t even believe I’m admitting this (okay, let’s be honest I can… after this post, anything is fair game!)

Beauty Tutorial: The Crown Braid, Two Ways.

Upon transitioning down to a more flexible schedule, one of the first things I did was reach out to my friend Jay to see if he’d be game to work on a series of hair tutorials. Jay (Jackson) is my most favorite stylist at DreamDry and also senior stylist/educator and member of their creative team. The man is majorly talented. He first did my hair for this event

The Baby Foot Peel.

Okay. If you are half reading this post, or just skimming through your feed, I’m going to need you to stop whatever else you are doing and give me your full, undivided attention for the next five minutes. Because this post could be singlehandedly the most disgusting, most important, and most fascinating post I’ve ever written.

Obsession: Beautycounter Lip Sheers.

What gets me most excited about blogging now is the same thing that got me excited about it five years ago. Discovering cool stuff that I am completely obsessed with, and having a forum to share it in. The products that I would (and do) gush to all of my girlfriends about, and then get all of my coworkers obsessing over, too. Running a blog is different now – but the core mission, the love of a good “Stripe Find” is still the same.