Drugstore Beauty: Back to Basics!

Growing up – and in college, Herbal Essences was my absolute favorite brand. I remember specifically requesting it from my mom when she went to the drugstore before I could drive there myself… (and refusing to use the drugstore brand if she bought that.) She always listened and bought it for me, but in hindsight it’s funny that a twelve year old could be so brand loyal.

Drugstore Beauty: Summer Upgrades.

The change of seasons always means switching up my beauty routine ever so slightly… whether for fun, like trying a bright new lip in the summer, or out of necessity, like switching to a thicker conditioner for beach days or a lighter moisturizer for those humid dog days of summer! Today I’ve teamed up with P&G to share a few of my favorite summer beauty products that will instantly upgrade your beauty routine…

Shimmer for Summer!

Ever notice how some girls appear to be effortlessly glowing? They don’t look “done,” or like they’re even wearing makeup… just glowy and pretty and natural… like they just got back from vacation or spent an afternoon napping in the park. I had this glow for about two minutes upon returning from the Dominican Republic, and then my glow promptly went away.

How to Do a Blowout At Home.

By now, if you read here regularly, you know about my DreamDry addiction. How to do a blow out just didn’t seem like a skill set I’d ever master. I’ve always had the hardest time blowing out + taming my (super thick, naturally wavy) mane of hair. Alas, today, I managed to convince Jay to teach me his best tricks so that we can all get Kate Middleton hair – at home!

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair.

How to prevent frizzy hair… sigh. It’s the question I get asked the most, but also one of the things I personally struggle with the most. If you’re a regular reader in these parts, you are probably well aware of my blow out addiction. My hair is naturally very unruly, with a tendency to fluff up  and get frizzy the second it gets humid out. Even when I do get a blow out, or blow out my own hair, it can easily turn into a hot mess if I’m not careful.

Fishtail Braid Tutorial.

And we’re back with another hair tutorial! This time around, we have a fishtail braid tutorial. One thing I love about this braid is that it’s really versatile. You can leave the braid neat and tidy for a polished look, or pull on the tail to mess it up and fatten the braid up a bit. It’s the perfect summer braid and so fun + easy! The key to nailing this look is really in the prep work, which we’ll get to.

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