A Brief History of Lipstick.

Seeing as today is actually National Lipstick Day (I hope you are celebrating by wearing your boldest, brightest lipstick!) I thought that it would be fun to give you a little history lesson today. It is thought that the practice of coloring one’s lips actually began nearly over 5,000 years ago, by …

An Honest Neulash Review.

I never like to presume that you all read here regularly, but if you do, (or if you follow my snaps), then you know that I am obsessed with eyelashes. Obsessed. I’ve tried nearly every mascara under the sun, regularly stop strangers to ask them about their own lash routines, and could probably talk about eyelashes for hours and hours. It’s a problem.

Ten Quick Tips for a Prettier Summer.

Summer beauty is my absolute favorite. I’m not really a makeup girl (save for a bold lash and a bright lip) but this time of year my skin has a little natural glow going on, my hair is a little bit lighter, and the warm weather has me feeling happier. And let’s be honest, the real key to outer beauty is feeling happy on the inside.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Top 10 Beauty Deals.

On Friday I rounded up my faves in Fall fashion but today I wanted to tell you about the ten best beauty deals, as one of the best parts of the sale is the amazing, exclusive deals in the beauty space! In my opinion, beauty is the best part of this sale. Between the oversized products, exclusive items, + special value sets there are some really great things.

Big Night Out Essentials.

With wedding season in full swing, today I wanted to share five products that will change how you get ready for a big night out. It sounds cliche, but every product in this post is a serious game changer. Some are old favorites, and some are more recent discoveries… either way, I am really glad I found them.


While in Boston two weeks ago, Kerrie pulled me into Follain (not knowing about my obsession with natural products). Oh my goodness. I might have made a scene. I immediately began gushing to the manager… “Oh! You carry W3ll People! And One Love Organics! Oh! and Ursa Major, SW Basics, and Indie Lee!” Gushing. Picking up bottles, rubbing the different elixirs…

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