Martian + UFO.

It’s a rare day that I’ll review a product for oily skin over here. My skin is naturally very dry. So while I rarely break out, my skin generally needs a lot of moisture or it will get dry and tight. But then that miserable heat wave struck a couple weeks ago…

Splurge vs. Save: Glowing Skin.

I have talked at length here about my love for no-makeup makeup. I’m not a huge fan of foundation and sometimes find that even tinted moisturizer is too “makeup-y” for me. This winter, I discovered NaturaBissé’s The Cure. I fell in love with it. Anti-aging ingredients, SPF, sheer coverage, and …

Caudalie x Jason Wu.

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir was one of the first high-end (read: non-drugstore) beauty products I ever purchased for myself. It was almost ten years ago. My friend Cori pulled it out of her bag and spritzed her face, and then asked if I’d like some. Nowadays the market is flooded with beauty …

My Travel Survival Kit.

As you know by now I have had a LOT of travel this summer. And I always seem to forget something…! Be it face wash, lipstick, jewelry, or (the ultimate worst) lip balm and a hair tie… there always seemed to be something I was leaving behind and forcing a friend to …

How to Deep Clean Your Scalp.

When it comes to pampering and getting pretty, we think about so many things. Skincare, haircare, makeup… skincare for the body… but what about your scalp? I have personally victimized my scalp in oh so many ways. Piling on the dry shampoo. Overloading it with product. Spending days at the beach and at the pool. Abusing it with ultra-drying clarifying shampoos. Ignoring it.

Recent Beauty Faves.

I tried a lot of new beauty products this month. Usually, I’ll try to work the products I test and try into a specific story… but sometimes I just try things that I really love and want to tell you about. That’s the case with today’s post..

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