Essie Fall 2015.

A few weeks ago, I attended InStyle’s Summer Social and got to sneak a peek at Essie’s new Fall shades. Having worked in the beauty business for years I always get excited about what their new shades are as Essie tends to be ahead of the other nail color brands and they always end up setting the tone for the category…

Shine On.

This late summer humidity has my hair a little sad looking. Even if I get a blow out, oof… my hair puffs up within an hour. I’ve found myself putting my hair in a ponytail or braid more often than not, which is fine for everyday errands and the gym, but not as cute if I’m going out for the night. Lucky for me (and you if you suffer the same!), Nexxus’s Oil Infinite solves all of my frizzy hair woes.

Fall Beauty Updates.

Can you believe that today is the first day of September? I’m having a hard time with it. As much as I love Fall (it’s my favorite season, and September is also my birthday month), I’m going to miss the summer, and my summer beauty routine too. I love how minimal my beauty routine is during the warmer months.

Glam Beach Waves Hair Tutorial.

Annnd Jay and I are back with another DreamDry inspired hair tutorial. You might recall a few months ago, when we did a finger comb beach waves tutorial (no round brush necessary!) This time around, Jay had just taken a seminar with celebrity stylist Jen Akin and Harry Josh…

Miracle Gel!

Something I am proud of is that I am actually very good at painting my own nails. Years ago, I worked for Sally Hansen doing marketing, and back then my fingers would (literally) be painted all different colors as we were always testing, testing, testing. That said, I still typically go to the salon as I love a good gel manicure.

The Power of Charcoal (+ my Everyday Skincare Routine).

Charcoal is certainly having a moment. I have girlfriends who take charcoal pills to prevent a hangover the next day (they swear by it, but I’m too scared to actually ingest charcoal!) And now, it’s all over the beauty world. What makes it so effective is that it acts like a magnet to attract (and then absorb) dirt and oil.

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