LeVert Beauty + $500 Giveaway (CLOSED)

A couple months ago, LeVert Beauty reached out to me to introduce their brand to me. In running this blog, I receive a lot of PR inquiries, especially from smaller brands that are looking to grow their following, and it’s hard to get back to all of them. But LeVert immediately caught my fancy…

Tata Harper Stocking Stuffer Day!

We talk about Tata Harper a lot in these parts so I won’t go on and on about how much I love her line and how the brand is my favorite skincare brand. And how it’s all natural. If you want to hear about that, read this interview with Tata and then check out my holy grail beauty products.

Birchbox Holiday Picks… + $500 Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I’m really excited about today’s giveaway with my friends over at Birchbox! If you haven’t checked out their holiday shop, you must. So many great gifts. Awesome value sets, under $25 items, and even a whole shop just for the guys. Birchbox is always at the forefront of the beauty scene (especially when it comes to…

Beating Winter Skin.

When I think about winter, I think about soft, cozy things. Cashmere. Silk. Velvet. Even flannel. But not dry, scaly skin… that’s for sure. We talked a lot about winter skin last week. It’s the worst. My skin gets red, itchy, and angry. I still remember the first time it happened… it was my first winter away at college.

5 Tips + Tricks for Beautiful Winter Skin.

I don’t know about you all, but right about now is when my skin starts to freak out. Maybe it’s all the travel (airplane travel is another big culprit) but the heat in my building is making my skin so, so dry. Luckily, I’ve been living in New York City (heat-regulated) apartment with dry air for years and years (almost ten!) now so I’ve developed a cold-weather skin routine and gotten pretty good at dry skin prevention…

Stripe Talk: Jackson | Brooke on Natural Beauty.

If you read here regularly, then you know I’m a little bit of a beauty product obsessive, especially when it comes to the natural product scene. During my trip to Hawaii in September, I met Jen Conforti at my friend Jackie’s wedding. When I found out that on the side (she consults for fashion/ecommerce brands by day) she runs the natural beauty ecommerce shop Jackson Brooke, I had to know more. What an amazing side hustle!

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