The New Nude Lip.

Get ready, friends… there is a new nude lipstick in town. It’s almost brown, almost gray… but still neutral, and extremely flattering. I had my first encounter with this new neutral when I attended a benefit a few weeks ago as a guest of…

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks.

Over the past few years, drugstore beauty has gotten soooo much better. Want a peel? Great. A moisturizer that will prevent against ageing AND help fix prior damage? Sure. But until more recently, the full spa experience wasn’t really something you could find at the drugstore.

Skincare: Why You Need a Serum.

One of the beauty questions I get asked the most over email is about serums. “Do I need a serum?” And if so, why? “And if I’m already moisturizing, why do I need serum too? My skin isn’t dry.”

15 Drugstore Beauty Products to try this Summer!

One of the best parts of writing this blog is all of the amazing beauty products I am exposed to. The high end stuff, the drugstore stuff… I try it all and then get to report back here. There are a lot of bad products out there which makes the good finds even more exciting. Today I’ve rounded up the fifteen…

Everything You Need to Know About Dry Brushing.

Dry brushing is the act of exfoliating your skin (while it’s dry) prior to showering using a brush, jute brush, or wash cloth. I have tried all three and personally prefer a jute brush (I use this exact one). It’s a little bit softer than the other options, and fits easily into my hand. Dry brushing boosts circulation + lymphatic flow…

Drugstore Beauty: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal.

A lot of products (drugstore, prestige) come across my desk and I am a tough crowd… especially when it comes to my skincare. A couple months ago, I got to preview L’Oreal Paris’s latest and greatest skincare launches… the first being the brand’s new Revitalift Bright Reveal Collection. The presentation started like any other…

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