LBD… + 5 questions for you!

1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe
dress // heels // sunglasses // bag

I thought it would be fun to switch things up a little bit over here to get to know you guys a little bit better. So, I’m asking (and answering) 5 questions… and would love for you to chime in with your answers! And maybe we’ll do this on a regular basis! So without further adieu, here are the questions, with my answers! To participate just copy the below into the comments, and replace my answers with yours! PS – This is the best little off the shoulder dress and it’s only $109.

1. What do you do for work? If you could do anythingggg, what would that be? Blogger. If I could do anything I would have a hybrid bakery/pet shop. You could go in and play with animals, and get a cupcake afterward.. And I’d only employ really, really attractive men. (I think that’s illegal though?)

2. If you could have any super power, what would it be? It’s a tie between being invisible (imagine how sneaky you could be), and being able to fly (because that would just be really cool, especially during rush hour traffic).

3. What’s your go-to cocktail? Tito’s (vodka) and club soda with lemon. The older I get, the worse the hangovers are… (not to mention the calories). If I’m not worrying about a hangover or calories, it’s a Negroni.

4. Favorite indulgence: Definitely cheese. I am through and through a salty over sweet person. My favorite cheese of all time is Truffle Tremor from Murray’s in the city… it’s a gooey goat cheese with truffles. That on a crusty baguette from Amy’s Bread = everything.

5. A blog or instagram account you’re really loving right now: The Fashion Magpie – I love her taste in books, and I love her writing… it’s like a thoughtful little essay every day, with lots of pretty things and links at the end.

Outfit Details: 1 State Dress (c/o, also here and here) // Manolo Blahnik Heels // Chanel Purse // BaubleBar Earrings // Celine Sunglasses

1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe 1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe 1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe 1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe 1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe 1.state off the shoulder dress | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.

Blue Maxi Dress.

parker mirian combo dress | the stripe
dress // bag // heels // sunglasses

There’s something so easy about throwing on a floaty summer maxi dress. You’re still covered up, but it’s just so breezy and easy! I love this one (from Parker, an all time fav when it comes to girly dresses). but if you read here regularly you know I’ve been wearing maxis all summer long. What was most appealing about this one in particular was the powder blue hue – if you are looking for a more affordable option then I looove this one! A few more affordable maxis that I’m loving: this wrap dress, this amaaazing yellow dress (can’t tell if the ruffles up top would make me look huge all over – probably) and this off-the-shoulder dress… Topshop can do no wrong right now!

I hope you had a great weekend. We are heading back to the city this afternoon… it was fun to have a couple days in Montauk. The trunk show went really well on Saturday! If you find yourself in East Hampton this summer, you have to go to the St. Frank pop-up…seriously so much inspiration and so many pretty things!

Outfit Details: Parker Dress (more affordable version here) // Saint Laurent Sandals // Chanel Purse // Celine Sunglasses

parker mirian combo dress | the stripe parker mirian combo dress | the stripe parker mirian combo dress | the stripe parker mirian combo dress | the stripe parker mirian combo dress | the stripe parker mirian combo dress | the stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.

Weekend Reading.

Hello, weekend! This week was a bit of a rough one… I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with both work and personal stuff. But now we are to the weekend and I’m hoping to relax a little bit. I’ve learned a big lesson this summer I think… I always love to get out of the city on the weekends, but I think I need to implement an “every other weekend” rule next year – otherwise I just wind up stressed, when these trips are supposed to be relaxing! Live and learn, right? Anyway, I have lots of good links for you this week, so I hope you enjoy ’em!!! And if you happen to be in the Hamptons today I am excited to co-host a trunk show at the St. Frank pop-up shop with my dear friend Natalie, of Holst + Lee! Also, I was thrilled to be quoted/included in articles on both WWD and Entrepreneur this week – have a read!

My favorite midi dress just came back in stockl

A great read on eliminating negativity from your life.

I loved reading this fun “day in a life piece.”

The dreamiest maxi, for under $100.

How to be the bigger person.

I can’t stop wearing this flirty tiered dress.

Emerald green, caning, and wicker? This room has all of my favorite things.

Your summer entertaining guide.

This wrap dress (in bright pink!) packs such a fun punch.

My friend Alden wrote this piece for Quartz and I thought it was a fascinating look into MLMs (multi-level marketing companies like LulaRoe, Rodan & Fields, etc.)

This striped peplum top is cozy but still polished.

Such a classic, chic look on Carly.

These foods (including dessert!) burn belly fat!

Crushing on this frilly white top.

Loving Krystal’s gorgeous kimono moment.

Something tells me I am going to need this lace dress in every color.

Liz is too cute in this ($25!!) dress.

12 things that happy people do differently.

Idiot proof, fuss-free blush… I’m obsessed!

Alicia has me wanting to try these slimming black pants.

This cashmere wrap dress will be so dreamy once it’s cold outside.

Loved Mackenzie’s sitting room reveal – so nautical and perfect for Nantucket.

Fashion essentials for the lazy girl.

The tie sleeves are so pretty on this blouse.

The best shows/movies to get over a breakup.

The perfect strappy sandal (in every imaginable color!!)

How to get rid of undereye puffiness.

Is Halo Top ice cream too good to be true??

This midi dress just went on sale for $45 (half off!) I love the blue and white and the gingham.

How gorgeous is this feminine office space!?

I need these palm leaf plates!!

10 ways to pamper yourself.

This cobalt top is too cute on Jenn!

The cutest “borrowed from the boys” striped t-shirt.


Pier 1 StyleBox: Unboxing & Giveaway!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of Pier 1 Imports. Nearly all of my tabletop decor comes from them and anytime I have a party I will swing by to pick up something fun and festive without breaking the bank. (They’re also one of my favorite spots for hostess gifts… their candles are heavenly and I love their Christmas ornaments!) This month, the brand sent out their new Style Box to editors, bloggers, and a few customers. The boxes aren’t available for purchase (but everything inside is – just go here!), but I’m giving one box away to a lucky reader. Watch the video to see what’s inside, and leave a comment below for your chance to win… good luck!

Created in partnership with Pier 1 Imports; Video + Photos by Bobby Hicks.

August 2017 Reading List.

Oof – this was a more challenging month, reading-wise. Whereas last month I was completely obsessed with everything I read, this month that wasn’t the case. I brought four books home to Cape Cod with me and only read one of them – everything else I put down after 50, 60 pages. And even with the books I did read, I was only absolutely crazy for one of them (Final Girls), and really liked two of them (Hello Sunshine and Goodbye, Vitamin). The other books on this list made the cut, but they were a little slow… and in most cases I liked them but didn’t looove them. Take Commonwealth for example – everyone was losing their minds over it, but to me it was just good, not great. I guess you can’t love everything you read… that’s what makes you appreciate the really good ones when you find them!

As always, for more recommendations you can check out my Book Club page, where you can filter all of my favorite books by genre… and also take a peek at last month’s reading list!

AND… (if you have a moment!) Please comment and tell me what you are reading… your suggestions are always my favorite… I literally shop the comments section of these posts… you guys have such good recommendations!

Hello Sunshine by Laura Dave is such a fun summer read. I absolutely loved her last book (800 Grapes, featured in this post from 2015), so I was really excited to hear that she had a new one out. This one takes place in New York City, where Sunshine Mackenzie is a beloved lifestyle expert and chef with millions of followers on Youtube and social media. The only problem is, she’s living a lie. Oops. And then… she gets hacked. Within two days, she loses her career, her husband, even her home. She’s forced to return to her childhood home in Montauk (and her estranged sister). The book is a tale of her healing process.. and getting back to her old self. I loved it and read it in a twenty four hour period… it’s a great light read… perfect for the beach!

Final Girls by Riley Sager was a discovery via Book of the Month. Oh my. It was by far, one of the best thrillers I’ve read in ages. It’s sort of like a horror movie meets mystery… flashing back and forth between a horrific event from the past vs. a modern day mystery. with tons of twists and turns along the way. I kept thinking that I had it all figured out, and I kept being surprised. That’s the sign of a great thriller to me!!! The main character, Quincy, endured a horrible massacre where 5 of her friends were killed, but she survives, making her a “Final Girl.” I could not put it down and finished it off within a couple days. Weeks after having finished it, I am still thinking about it!

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett took me a really long time to get into. Like, halfway through. I thought something was wrong with me as this book received SO much praise but I was just “meh” about it. I felt like something was wrong with me as it’s received so so much press, so I put it on my Instagram story, letting you guys know how I felt. Turns out, a lot of you felt the same as me which made me feel a bit better. I certainly didn’t hate it, but it was hard to get through and the plot fell a bit flat for me. That being said, once I got into it, certain elements of the story started to unfold and I found myself enjoying it more. What I did like about it was it’s complicated, realistic portrayal of family… and how important that bond is.

Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong was very sweet… and is also a Book of the Month find. It did take me a while to get into but once I was into it I was bummed that it was almost over (it’s a quick read!) This book is heartwarming, sad, and also very clever. My grandmother had dementia so I could relate to the main character – I was very young at the time but really, it made me think of my mom and what she went through when my grandmother was sick. I loved the writing though.. the author is very smart and had so many amazing little zingers and narratives.. little things stuck out and stuck with me… like when she described seeing that her father had hung an avocado skin on the dish rack. It’s a very quick read but really well written.

Girl in Snow, by Danya Kukafka was really really dark. I found it a bit confusing at first as there are so many different characters and nuances and backstories for each character. The story is told by three misfit characters – all very unique and (in the beginning at least), not particularly likable. A beautiful, popular girl is murdered (and found in the snow). The story itself is very eerie and rather unsettling. I thought what made the book particularly good was her character development. Each character (Cameron – the unpopular “freak” at school who stalked the dead girl, Jade – the overweight and less popular girl who wanted her life, and Russ – the detective) had so many complicated layers. She really nailed that part. And while the story itself played out a bit slowly, I really enjoyed it – especially the last few chapters.