Cocktail Hour: The French Martini.

Whenever I have company over, it’s fun to have a special drink to offer instead of just your standard wine, beer, vodka soda. When my mom visited a couple weeks ago, we made French martinis! They’re super easy to make, and really delicious! We served them in my new-ish pink milk glass champagne glasses (I’m obsessed with milk glass and it looks great on my bar cart). I got mine at Chairish, but eBay has a huge selection. I like to put the glasses in my freezer for a few hours before to ensure an extra frosty cocktail!

You only need three ingredients to make these (and there is no garnish), so this is great for when you want to serve something special without a big fuss.


  • 1 1/2 oz. Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. Chambord (raspberry liquor)
  • 1 1/2 oz. Pineapple Juice (I used fresh pineapple juice and think it made a big difference!)

Shake or stir… strain, and pour into a chilled glass! Told you it was easy… ūüėČ

My Favorite Target Design Finds.

Okay so first of all, I love Target. LOVE it. Shopping there is obviously nothing new¬†but it’s always more for beauty products + basics (and sometimes swimsuits + workout gear – they do such a good job with both!). That being said, maybe I’ve been living under a rock but as I decorate my new place, they definitely were not¬†on my radar, decor-wise.¬†I went onto their website¬†last week to figure out a solution for the area behind my main door. I keep piling up my shoes there and it looks so sloppy. I wanted to get a cubby with little bins to keep them neat and tidy. I found a great option (this cubby with these bins in sand linen) but ended up going down a deep, dark rabbit hole.

I mean… I’ve always joked that it’s impossible to walk into a Target and not spend $100. You go in for cotton balls and a new toothbrush and walk out with a new lip gloss, three magazines, a swimsuit, a new throw pillow and a cute workout outfit. Right? It can’t be just me. But anyway, in addition to the cubby + bins I bought two of these end tables (they are PERFECT!!) and these metal clips (dumb but they were only $3.99 and will be so good for closing up snacks, etc) and then¬†spent another hour or two on the site just perusing their home stuff. We’ll just call that blog research. ūüėČ

I couldn’t help myself – there were so many well designed, beautiful pieces at great prices. Here are my favorites. I’m really thinking hard about that pink velvet bench (I’d paint/gild the legs as I don’t like the shade of the wood stain) and this arm chair or maybe this sea grass chair. As always you can¬†click the “shop” buttons in the image above, or I’ve linked by number below.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

Shop even more Target design finds in the widget below!

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Wedding Guest.

best wedding guest style for under $100 | the stirpe

Helloooo wedding season!!¬†As summer is just starting to set in, there are always a host of weddings to go to (often with the same groups of friends), and it can be tough to keep up the rotating wardrobe to match. Here area bunch¬†of great wedding guest¬†picks that are budget-friendly and still fashion-forward enough to have you turning heads at the next f√™te you’ll be attending.

My personal favorite is this lace midi skirt… It’s almost like Self Portrait, but much more wallet-friendly.¬†Pair it with these light blue tie-front sandals, and a simple black clutch. Voila!

You ¬†could also go for¬†a pink-on-pink look with this structured dress, these lace up sandals, and a healthy dose of pink lipstick. There was never too much pink, right? ūüėČ





Top: Blue Tiered One Shoulder Dress // Mesh Earrings // Floral Clutch // Pink Adelyn Rae dress // ‘Velvet Teddy’ Viva Glam Lipstick // Drop Tassel Earrings // Charles Davis Blue Sandals¬†

Middle: Rebecca Minoff Glitter Clutch // Pink Lace Shift Dress // Yellow Wrap Dress // Emerson Rose Multicolor Lace Skirt

Bottom:  Wrap Floral Skirt // Navy Halter dress // J.Crew Black Eyelet Skirt // Pink Lace Dress // By Terry Lipstick // Mango Cap Toe Shoe // INC Wrap Up Sandal // Gorjana Bracelet

featured image source

Doubled up Denim.

sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe
top // bag // jeans // heels // earrings

Happy Tuesday! Tuesdays are kinda the worst. I never really dread Mondays as I’m usually excited to start¬†a brand new week, and after Wednesday you are closer to the weekend every day… but Tuesdays are kind of a slump day. Maybe I will start a new tradition on Tuesdays to make them a little better. Ice cream Tuesdays…? Ice cream makes any day better. ūüėČ

How was your weekend? Mine was a little bit lonely, actually. It’s funny – my weeks get¬†so busy and I am such an introvert that by the weekend, I’m usually all like, “hahaha that’s funny… no way am I leaving my apartment.” My friends either end up coming over or dragging me out. But no one was really around this weekend¬†so I hibernated most of the weekend. It wasn’t all bad… I got a bunch of work done, baked a cake, made my grandma’s curried chicken salad, made peach ice cream… so domestic! And I finished House of Cards – that show is crazy!!!! I did have a fun brunch on Sunday. I’m helping my friend brainstorm ideas for his startup, and that’s been really fun + interesting. I often find myself missing brainstorming + the collaborative environment from my day job. Regularly sitting down with friends to brainstorm helps fill that void and keep me sharp… and it’s more fun as we’ll usually brainstorm over food¬†and/or drinks.

Anyways, this chambray off the shoulder top is just the best. For one, I consider chambray a neutral as it basically goes with everything (a good alternative as for me, I buy white shirts over and over and over again!) For another, it is SO soft. So soft that it feels like brushed silk. I kid you not. I’ll rarely tell you that you need but if you need more cute tops in your life, this is a good one. Pair it with denim, white jeans, black pants, and tuck into all your skirts + shorts! Also… my favorite Manolos are on sale. They’re currently half off. I don’t even know how that is a thing, but it is… so, if they come in your size I highly recommend snapping ’em up!

Outfit Details: Sanctuary Top (c/o) // Rag & Bone Frayed Skinny Jeans (also here + here) // Manolo Blahnik Heels (on sale!) // BaubleBar Earrings // Hermes Bangle // Chloe Bag

sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

An Experiment in Kindness!

the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe
hat // top // jeans // bag // wedges

New Yorkers can get¬†bad reputation for being rude. Having lived here for 11+ years, I can say with full confidence that it really isn’t the case. I have met some of the kindest, most generous souls living here… people that inspire me to be a better person in my daily life. I do think we’re (to generalize our 8.5 million population) overstimulated, probably a bit overworked, and definitely sometimes misunderstood. There is so much going on at all times that you can¬†find yourself desensitizing just to focus and make it through the day. I’ve noticed this even more since moving “out” of the city to Brooklyn. After a day spent running around on the subway to and from meetings and appointments, I am often so frazzled that I need to remind myself to sit down, smile, make eye contact, put my phone away… you know… be a real human being!

I try (though don’t always remember) to remember to smile at strangers, open doors, actually pause to give directions when someone stops me, all of that. Those little acts of kindness¬†add up and make the other person’s day better… and I know that when someone is kind to me, it immediately improves my day (and also motivates me to remember to be kind to others!). So when I heard about¬†The Kindness Card Experiment (a grassroots social experiment), I got really¬†excited for my city. It started on June 1st, when 5,000 Kindness Cards were unleashed across New York’s 5 boroughs. Each card is pre-loaded with a redeemable $10. The idea is that if you receive a card, you redeem it online (sharing your story of kindness) and then pass it on to someone else when you see them doing something kind. The cards can either be redeemed online for a $10 gift card, or you can opt to instead donate the $10 to a New York based charity. The goal of the experiment is to encourage positive interaction spanning the city streets… bringing awareness to how kind New Yorkers can truly be… and causing a bit of a ripple effect!

Outfit Details: Zimmermann Top // Rag & Bone Jeans // J.Crew Factory Wedges // Lemon Stripes x Hat Attack Hat // Senreve Bag

the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe

The Kindness Card Experiment sent me three cards. I still have the first two, but I passed along¬†my first one last Monday. It was a hot and steamy day on the subway and there was this interpretive dancer down on the Beford Avenue platform. He was running around shirtless on the platform and decided to pretend to “halt” the subway, using his hands (yes this really happened), and the subway car technician worried about him (maybe jumping or something, who knows?) and stopped the entire train. The same thing happened on the opposite side. So the L was held up on both sides and there were SO MANY of us packed into the car, which was clearly not going anywhere. That’s the annoying thing with the L, usually when there are delays I just get out and walk but when you’re going from Brooklyn into Manhattan there isn’t much you can do. Everyone was frustrated – and hot!

Anyway, we were all packed in there like sardines and I saw a guy in his twenties offer up his seat to an elderly woman who accepted with relief. I passed my first card along to him, explaining what he could do with it. So hopefully it brightened his day, and hopefully he will continue to fuel the ripple effect by passing it along to someone else!

The experiment will run until June 30, 2017. I think it’s also important to notice that while (if you are lucky to come across one of these lucky cards), experiment is wonderful, you don’t need an actual card to participate in the movement. Change and action comes from within and each one of us has the power to make an impact on a kinder New York!

the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe

You can track the experiment’s progress online. As of today 689 kind acts have been registered, with $1900 being donated to charity and $4830 being redeemed in cash! I loved going through the stories on the map… here are a few of my favorite small ways to make a difference.

  • “Someone observed me helping a stranger find her way, and gave me a card afterward.”
  • “I found an injured bird (it had a broken wing) and drove it to a volunteer wildlife center.”
  • “I gave a swipe of my subway card to someone that needed it.”

the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe the kindness card experiment nyc | the stripe

Created in Partnership with The Kindness Card Experiment.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.