My Favorite Jumpsuit.

diane von furstenberg sleeveless halter neck jumpsuit | grace atwood, the stripe
jumpsuit // heels // bag // earrings

I almost didn’t get a blog post up today as I am so, so sick! I spent most of yesterday on the couch. I am about 90% sure I have strep throat and going to the doctor first thing today. The absolute worst! But posting something bright and fun made me feel a little better… this jumpsuit is my favorite! The timing could not be worse for feeling sick. I am supposed to speak at L’Oreal tomorrow afternoon and fly to London on Wednesday night. I actually hope it’s strep as at least if it is, the antibiotics will knock it out pretty quickly. Yuck.

Besides being sick, I had a fun weekend. My friends and I went to The Polo Bar for a fun dinner on Saturday… it’s one of my favorite fancy spots… the Dover sole is out of this world! I hope you guys had a good one and are ready to tackle the week. Fingers crossed that I can kick whatever is happening to my throat SOON! Happy Monday, friends!

PS – I know my jumpsuit is a little pricy so here are few more blue jumpsuits at more affordable price points. This turquoise one, this palm print (yasss) option, this striped chambray one (which looks nothing like what I’m wearing but it’s in my cart so I’m sharing anyway), and this tropical one.

Outfit Details: Diane von Furstenberg Jumpsuit (also here + here) // Chloe Bag // BaubleBar Earrings // Celine Sunglasses // Manolo Blahnik Pumps  (also on sale in a few sizes here)// Tory Burch Surrey Watch (also here)

diane von furstenberg sleeveless halter neck jumpsuit | grace atwood, the stripe diane von furstenberg sleeveless halter neck jumpsuit | grace atwood, the stripe diane von furstenberg sleeveless halter neck jumpsuit | grace atwood, the stripe diane von furstenberg sleeveless halter neck jumpsuit | grace atwood, the stripe diane von furstenberg sleeveless halter neck jumpsuit | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Weekend Reading.

Weekend Reading 6.17.17 | The Stripe

happy weekend-ing, friends!!! I have a low key one planned as I have a lot of work to get done as I leave for London this Wednesday! It was a busy week. Lots and lots of events + meetings, and several fun projects for the blog. My apartment is slowly coming together (I have more furniture coming this week and then I get to focus on my favorite part – art! I finished up The Handmaid’s Tale (the finale was so good – what a cliffhanger though! I can’t wait to find out what happens to Offred.) I’m hoping to start a new book this weekend, and otherwise just get ahead on work and the week so that I can really enjoy my trip! Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s fab. xoxoo

omg…. must make these yummy sounding three ice cream recipes!

Want/need/love this striped ruffle dress and it’s only $70!

How to fight a blah day.

Loved this blue dress on Kat – it’s so pretty, and would be perfect for a wedding.

This $35 top is just so cute – perfect with white jeans!

The best foods to eat to fight bloating.

Easy, delicious breakfast recipes for every day of the week.. Definitely need to try some of these!

Going to a summer wedding? This $84 maxi should be in your closet.

Love this cute gingham top (and rainbow bag!!) on Jenn.

I’m completely obsessed with this $85 colorblocked dress – the shades of blue are perfect together!

Meg is doing a fun little experiment on her blog to raise money for a good cause… I thought it was really interesting!

Have you tried Glossier’s new Birthday Balm Dot Com? I need to get my paws on some… I love any and all things birthday cake flavored!

This sweet, feminine dress is so perfect. I love the ties at the back.

Apologizing? Don’t say this word.

I have too many white tops but this one is so pretty!

Do you put your perfume in your belly button!?

Liz looks so cute in this bright summer maxi dress.

Love love love the emerald trim + pom poms on this little white dress.

Smart cleaning advice from messy people.

Pretty sure I need these espadrilles in every color.

How to sleep better, according to your horoscope.

Jess is the cutest.

One of the questions I get asked most is strapless bra recommendations. This one is amazing (especially for a larger bust) and stays up all day.

How to figure out (and thrive in) your side hustle.

Love the details on this pretty caftan… it’s perfect for the beach or out afterward!

Start saving: you’ll have these investment pieces forever.

Blair looks so chic in her kimono.

These metallic sneakers are definitely a departure for me but I love them!

Is this the perfect summer dress? (Yes?)


The Best Lace Dress.

free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe
jacket // dress // bag // espadrilles

“We made it to Friday!” Ha. I always say that in conversation and then laugh a little bit, thinking how dramatic it is of me. As if the week is so hard that it’s an accomplishment to get to Friday. I mean, this week was long but it certainly wasn’t dire. So maybe I’ll stop saying that.

Anyway, I am so happy it is Friday as I have a really low key weekend ahead. A fun dinner with friends and that’s really about it! I am excited to curl up with a good book on my couch and just relax a bit. Or maybe head to the park. I am going to London next week (for Briony’s wedding – hooray!) so I want to make sure I’m rested, prepared, and able to take a few days off to site-see and enjoy the city. London is one of my favorite cities in the world and I really just cannot wait to be there!!!

As for this dress, it’s such a good one. If you told me a couple years ago that I’d start shopping at Free People again, I might not have believed you. They used to be just a little too boho for me. Some of it is still a bit too seventies/hippie for me, but I am loving so many things from them. Their pieces tend to fit me really well and the price points are always reasonable. I’m also loving this maxidress, this slouchy peplum tee, and this off the shoulder dress!

Outfit Details: Madewell Fleet Jacket (also available here + here) // Free People Just Like Honey Lace Dress (also here, here in orange!, here, here, and here)  // J.Crew Espadrilles // Lele Sadoughi Earrings // Tory Burch Surrey Watch (also here) // Etsy Purse // Celine Sunglasses

free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe free people just like honey lace dress | grace atwood, the stripe

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask.

glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask review | the stripe

I am obsessed with this sleeping mask, and I promise, it’s not just because it smells *exactly* like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. But it does, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the scent. It’s  truly uncanny.

I love sleeping masks because I am lazy and like the idea of letting a mask do its work while I’m asleep. I mean, why not put that time to even better use? After cleansing, I apply SK-II Treatment Essence and then brush on a thin layer of this mask with a brush (I know you are going to ask – I use this one… I bought a few on Amazon and l-o-v-e applying my masks this way… keeps hands from getting messy and just makes for a more luxurious masking experience! I’ll usually apply it 20 minutes before I plan to fall asleep (ideally before I get in bed to read) so that it has a little time to dry.

It’s packed with hyaluronic acid (to plump + hydrate) and AHAs (to exfoliate). The result is bright, glowy, super soft skin the next day. (And of course, literal sweet dreams – you’ll dream of Jolly Ranchers.)

The formula is a bouncy gel, and the best part is that it’s pillow-proof so it won’t get all over your pillow and/or stain your linens. (I can attest that this is true… I used it every other night for the past week and a half and it did zero damage to my beloved silk Slip pillowcase… yes, I sleep with a silk pillowcase every. single. night. because, wrinkles, but that can be another blog post for another day!) Get your glow on, right this way

glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask review | the stripe glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask review | the stripe glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask review | the stripe

shop a few more of my favorite masks below…

June 2017 Reading List.

This month I got back into my book-a-week groove. I blame it on two things. First of all, Palm Springs. While I was there I read two books, and started another! There really is nothing better than laying in the sun and reading. I read some of the best books I’ve read yet this month… everything on this list is fantastic but I especially loved The Light We Lost and Tuesday Nights in 1980!!! As always, for more recommendations you can check out my Book Club page, where you can filter all of my favorite books by genre… and also take a peek at last month’s reading list!

And if you have a sec – please comment and tell me what you are reading – your suggestions are always my favorite… I find myself shopping the comments section of these posts… you guys have such good recommendations!

* The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo. Oh my goodness – if you read one book this month, make this be it. I think that everyone in some way or form can relate to the main character, Lucy – she’s torn between her free-spirited (selfish) ex, and the more reliable man that she ends up marrying. Don’t we all have one of those… the Big, the Aiden… the guy who makes us feel alive and young but know we can’t depend on versus the reliable guy? Anyway, this is her story… it felt so real and true (and reminded me of stories so many of my married friends have told me), and I will just say that I sobbed the entire last chapter. It’s an absolute must read

* Into The Water is Paula Hawkins’ highly-anticipated next book after authoring Girl on the Train. Okay so this was hard to follow at first, and I didn’t know exactly where it was going. It was told from the perspective of at least eight or nine different people, so I found myself flipping back and forth. But once I got into it, I was hooked. I will admit that I did guess the ending, but there were twists along the way that I hadn’t thought of. If you are looking for a dark thriller that you can devour within a couple of days, this is it!!!

* Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss was probably the most accurate and real depiction of life in New York I’ve seen… though it is technically set before I was born, ha ha. Reading it made me wish I lived here way back then. It centers around the art world, and three main characters. There’s a synesthetic art critic (synesthesia is when your senses get crossed… you hear colors, see colors when you taste flavors, etc – it’s fascinating!), an emerging artist, and a young girl who moves to the big city from the midwest. The book tells all three of their stories (which of course end up intersecting). All three characters experience (incredibly dark, deep) tragedy and loss. The writing is incredible. Parts are hard to read, but I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t recommend this one enough!!!

* How to Be Married, by Jo Piazza. I will admit, I put reading this book off. I am not married, and being married is not particularly high on my list of priorities now. Reading an entire book about marriage felt kind of… miserable? But also: the reason I first started following Jo Piazza and her writing in the first place was because she wrote this amazing essay a few years ago about why she bought herself an engagement ring. That really resonated with me (and my single + non-single girlfriends alike). Funny enough, she ended up meeting the love of her life shortly after writing that piece, getting married, and writing this book! So when she sent me this book, I kept thinking about how I should read it, and then I’d get busy and forget. Finally, a week ago, I finally picked it up and couldn’t put it down. You can tell that her and Nick (the husband) are made for each other, but she also writes in a way that is realistic, self-deprecating, and funny. My issue with everyone’s idealization of marriage and “the one” is that everything – movies, books, etc. makes getting married feel like the ultimate goal in life, but then what happens afterward!? What I liked about this book was the realistic depiction of love (she writes, lovingly, about how awful her honeymoon was), and also all of the fun little bits of trivia woven throughout.

* Fake Plastic Love, by Kimberley Tait is the story of two college best friends. There’s M – a practical investment banker who puts work over love and prefers corduroys and loafers. And then there’s her bestie, Belle – a wide-eyed and whimsical fashion blogger. The book follows them through college and into their thirties, alongside adventures with their new friend Jeremy, and Belle’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Chase. It’s set around 2008 (at the height of the financial crisis). For me, what I loved most about it was the lesson underneath… the importance of living your life as opposed to performing (Belle) or being afraid of taking chances (M). The story is told in a modern-day Gatsby-esque way; you won’t be able to put it down.