My Favorite Leopard Coat.

j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe
coat // tee // bag // jeans // heels

Popping in with an afternoon outfit! I am so excited because J.McLaughlin brought my favorite leopard coat from last year back this year. I wore this to death last year (see it in action here, here, and here). It sold out early last year so if you love it as much as I do, I highly recommend snapping it up before all the holiday parties start (It’s the best party jacket!) I also found a verrrrry similar version at H&M for only $79.99. I can’t personally vouch for the quality but it looks pretty good! As I mentioned on instagram this morning, red and leopard is probably my favorite Fall color/pattern combination. It’s timeless and easy but still really pops!

My bag is from Amazon’s affordable new line, The Fix, but it already sold out so I’ve linked this cute one (which I actually like better and it’s on sale!) The best part about red and leopard together is you can just wear your favorite basics and still look pulled together. I paired my fav jeans + tee combo with my trusted comfy wedges, added a silk scarf, and was ready to go!

I hope you guys are having a good week. It’s hard to believe that today is already Wednesday! I’ve been pretty swamped since getting back to the US on Sunday night. I’m having dinner with one of my best friends tonight though so really looking forward to a fun little break!

Outfit Details: J. McLaughlin Coat (wearing a size small, but also: super affordable version here!) // BP Twist Front Tee (fav!) // Good American Jeans // Red Bag (similar) // J.Crew Factory Wedges // Silk Bandana // Celine Sunglasses

j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe

I think the key to choosing the right leopard coat (and what makes this one so great) is picking one that doesn’t have a collar. For me personally, all of the collared versions I’ve tried have made me look a bit like a pimp. I didn’t think I could pull one off until I got this one!

j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe j.mclaughlin pella leopard coat | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Carter Fish.

London Travel Diary + Video!

london travel diary | the stripe

Okay I know that I said this yesterday, but I’m really excited about today’s post too. If you read here regularly then you know that I’ve been working really hard at creating more videos over on my Youtube channel. It’s an entirely new thing to learn which has been a little challenging, but it’s also so much fun. I’ve been experimenting with what works and what doesn’t… it’s been exciting to see what resonates best with you guys. For me personally though, I think travel is the best place for video – I can actually (sort of) take you guys along on my adventures! I love watching other bloggers’ travel videos so I couldn’t wait to create my own.

For that reason, I’m particularly excited about this video… it’s my first travel vlog and also the first full video I’ve actually filmed and edited all on my own. I think it will give you such a great feel for our trip to London – the amazing energy of the city, the fun we had on the trip, and all of the cool stuff we got to see (and eat – ywe ate a LOT). I really hope you enjoy it… these videos are quite a bit of work, but also a lot of fun to produce!

For more of what to do in London (and links + mini reviews of everything we did here), check out my London Travel Guide… I updated it yesterday afternoon.

Everything I’m wearing in the Video: Trench Coat // Cashmere Scarf // Ruffle Sleeve Sweater // Lipstick (Color is Tropic Flame) // Velvet Dress // Diamond Necklace

london travel diary | the stripe london travel diary | the stripe 

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Varsity Inspired.

varsity street style under $100 | kelly burns, the stripe

There’s something about this time of year that incurs a collegiate, back-to-school, varsity-inspired feel. I’m blaming it on the weather and football season. That said, the athleisure trend has been around for quite some time, but sometimes it can feel a bit too edgy/casual for my taste. I wanted to round up a few pieces that felt a bit more feminine ivy league, and a bit less downtown cool.

Wear these with your regular wardrobe – try cool pink high top sneakers with your jeans and tee, or a fun, tennis-inspired pleated skirt that feels at home in your work wardrobe (this one was gorgeous too, but just outside of that $100!). Add a scarf like this striped number to your fall looks to keep you cozy, and throw on a practical backpack (like this pink Baggu or this fun Tommy Hilfiger style) instead of carrying a purse.



Top: Tommy Hilfiger Varsity Jacket // C/Meo Pleated Skirt // Nike High Tops // Gold Paper Clip // Yankees Baseball Hat // BP Varsity Stripe Cardigan // Baggu Blush Backpack // Madewell Stripe Socks // Soma Water Bottle

Bottom: Adidas Grey Sneakers // Adidas Bomber Jacket // Adidas Swift Run Sneakers // 2018 Wall Calendar // Nike Cropped Sweatshirt






My Hair Journey!

Oh my god you guys, I could not be more excited about today’s post! Herbal Essences just released a new video called CHANGES, which is all about how changing your hair can change your life. I don’t know about you but whenever I go through a big life change, all I want is to change my hair!

And as a part of that, they asked me to share my own hair journey. For me, changing your hair is in a way, a huge change, without much consequence. Well, as long as you don’t cut it, that is. I am notorious for changing up my hair color whenever I want a change (I mean hey, you can always change it back, right?) but I almost always keep it long. The two biggest hair changes I’ve gone through have been a) when I moved to New York and chopped it all off… (I’m so sad, I can not find photos of this anywhere… let’s just say, it wasn’t a good look!) and b) when I broke up with a long term boyfriend and decided it would be a good idea to go red. Luckily it was the sort of red that washed out. Then I went reaaaallly blonde, but since then, it’s been back to normal more or less. This was really fun to document, I hope you enjoy it!

But before we dive in, be sure to watch the video. I found it to be so thoughtful and poignant… really relevant and inspiring to me in my own life + a lot of women I know!

Me as a kid. So much to say about this. Budding fashionista? Future crazy cat lady? Jewelry connoisseur? Either way, I grew up with frizzy curly hair that no one in my household really knew what to do with. I get my curly hair from my dad, who as a man, never needed to worry about it very much. My mom had beautiful shiny hair that she could brush. So she brushed mine, and this is what happened. On the bright side, my hair only got better from this moment onward.

This is one of the earliest photos I can find…. from 2006 when I had been living in New York for a couple years. This is my natural texture, and my natural color… plus a few highlights.

In 2008, with my friend Kristen’s cat. She was having a party that night, and I was with the cat. Pretty standard.

In 2010. I had a boyfriend, who convinced me to try dying my hair brown. WHY. It doesn’t look awful in these photos, but it was pretty bad IRL. Just not me. I didn’t feel like myself, but I wanted to make him happy. To the ladies: never change your hair for a boy. Ever!!!!

Eventually the brown washed out and I added a few highlights. This photo was actually taken in Barcelona, and it is the first time I ever met Hitha! We had been long term blog friends, and then realized we were both in Barcelona so we met up.

When I think of my hair in its most natural state, this is what I think of.

And then, that big relationship ended. So I did what any self respecting woman would do. I moved on with my life and died my hair red.

Changing my hair color at that time gave me a sense of control when everything in my life felt completely out of control. It helped. But it wasn’t the right shade for my skin tone and I ultimately ended up hating it.

Luckily, it washed out.

After it was red, I went the other way… dying it really, really blonde!!!

With my sister… and slightly darker (but still not back to normal) hair.

These days, I experiment more with braids and curling/straightening it. I don’t foresee myself changing the color anytime soon, but hey… you never know. My sister was really funny the other night… she said that every three years she decides she wants bangs and I decide I want brown or red hair. So true.

Thank you to Herbal Essences + POPSUGAR for partnering on this post… it was a fun one!

VIDEO: My Bedtime Skincare Routine.

my bedtime skincare routine | grace atwood, the stripe

Today, over on Youtube I am inviting you into my teensy tiny Brooklyn bathroom and sharing my bedtime skincare routine! Per your feedback (I know not everyone likes to watch the videos!) I’ve linked/described all of the products below (in order of application) but in the meantime, I do hope you’ll watch the video – and consider subscribing to my channel! We had fun making this one… the two of us squeezed into my bathroom, Carter standing on a step stool!

Products Featured!

Sisley Paris Cleansing Milk // I LOVE this cleanser as it takes all of my makeup off but leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. (Kind of like a more glamorous Ponds Cold Cream, which you should try if you are looking for something more affordable!) In the summer I will use a gel cleanser or do a double cleanse but with the cooler Fall weather I use just one cleanser. It’s expensive but the bottle lasts forever.

Biologique Recherche Toner // This is something my facialist at DAPHNE got me turned onto. Funny enough, a few years ago I had tried a different version of this toner and had horrible results. So I’d recommend getting a consultation to figure out which one is best for you. I am going to do a longer review of this product at some point, but the biggest thing is that my skin is so much smoother after using it. I don’t really break out but my skin is prone to gross rough patches and this has really helped with those.

Strivectin Neck Cream // I wrote about why you need a neck cream, but once I hit my thirties these annoying lines started to form on my neck. Yuck. I religiously apply a neck cream every single night, and have found that it has really helped in terms of lifting and firming (and hopefully preventing further lines). Since starting to use this a year ago, the skin on my neck is definitely much firmer, and the “problem” hasn’t gotten any worse.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for Eyes // This is a miracle product. Most of the products I use are not quick fixes, but over time will help your skin look better/prevent further damage. Not the case with this. Apply before bed and wake up with eyes that are far less puffy than they would otherwise be, and zero dark circles. I’ve featured this product countless times

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum // I love this. Not as much as the eye treatment, but it’s a great bedtime product that leaves skin looking refreshed and awake the next day.

Everyday Oil // You know by now how much I LOVE this oil, but it’s an amazing all natural product. Face oil should always be your last step in your bedtime routine… apply it over your serums + stronger products to lock them in and allow them to do their best work while you sleep!

And because I know someone will ask, I am wearing my FAVORITE monogrammed J.Crew pajamas. So comfy!

my bedtime skincare routine | grace atwood, the stripe

Two quick notes!

First, as my bedtime routine is super simple, my morning routine is easy peasy. I simply splash with water, pat dry, apply SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and then Farmacy Green Screen. So. Easy (and efficient as I am not a morning person!

Second, this is my bedtime routine right now. These are my old faithful standby products (with the exception of the toner which is a newer addition!), but I’m constantly switching it up and testing new products (it’s my job!!) so this is basically the usual routine. If I am testing something brand new I will only swap in one new product at a time and integrate it into my routine, keeping the rest the same, to see if the new product really works. This can be frustrating to brands if we are working on a sponsorship (it takes me a really long time to test out new products), but I always want to give you the most accurate and thorough product reviews possible!

my bedtime skincare routine | grace atwood, the stripe my bedtime skincare routine | grace atwood, the stripe my bedtime skincare routine | grace atwood, the stripe my bedtime skincare routine | grace atwood, the stripe

photography and video by Carter Fish.