Tasting Table Lobster Rumble.

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to experience something I’d only dreamed of. The Tasting Table Lobster Rumble. If you know me personally or have been reading this blog for a while (refer to this very important post), then you know that I think lobster rolls should actually be their own food group. I would eat one every day if I could.

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair.

How to prevent frizzy hair… sigh. It’s the question I get asked the most, but also one of the things I personally struggle with the most. If you’re a regular reader in these parts, you are probably well aware of my blow out addiction. My hair is naturally very unruly, with a tendency to fluff up  and get frizzy the second it gets humid out. Even when I do get a blow out, or blow out my own hair, it can easily turn into a hot mess if I’m not careful.

Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend! This week was jam packed, I had events every single night, and in between got a ton of work done and had a few fun photo shoots. I’m really excited as I booked a flight home for July… I’m actually going to be on the Cape for most of the month, which will be really nice…

Cooper & Ella Floral Dress.

I’m so excited because not only did one of my favorite brands (Cooper & Ella) start making dresses, but they’re also now sold at Nordstrom! I love a good popover silhouette and this one is so cute (they also have a matching top, which I love.) Cooper & Ella has long been a favorite of mine because of the attention to detail they put into every piece. There’s always a fun little detail or an unexpected added touch that makes the piece feel special. With this one it’s the keyhole back. The one thing I will say is that I find the brand’s pieces to be cut a little bit narrow (through the bust/rib cage + hips) so I always end up ordering up a size. I’m also wearing my favorite BaubleBar necklace..

Cocktail: The Royal Promise.

Did you know that this week is actually Negroni Week? On Tuesday I attended an event to kick things off, where six different mixologists from around the city shared negroni-inspired cocktails. I tasted them all, but my favorite was the Royal Promise, created by Erick Castro of Boilermaker. Lucky for us, I tracked down the recipe… so that we can all make this cocktail at home!

Clover Canyon Dress.

Did you guys see Clover Canyon’s exclusive collection for Gilt? I was lucky enough to attend a party for the launch a few weeks back and fell in love with all of the prints, which were actually created exclusively for Gilt by Clover Canyon. Out of everything, my favorite piece was this silky little slip dress. To be honest, I’m not really a huge prints person (besides stripes, polka dots, + the occasional floral) but I love this pattern so much. Also – this dress is not neoprene!

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