Weekend Reading.

Hellooo + happy (long) weekend! I don’t have much planned. Part of me is distraught over that and feels like I should have something fabulous and wonderful planned for the long weekend. The other part of me is psyched. Time to exercise, casually hang with friends, get caught up on work + chores, all that. So I definitely have mixed feelings, especially as I look at Instagram…

Memorial Day Sales.

Jusssst thought I’d pop in with a round-up of the best Memorial Day Sales! (There are so many good ones!) Happy, happy long weekend… (and happy shopping, too!) Also: I’ll be popping in to update this post throughout the weekend as more fun sales come up.

The Perfect Striped Dress.

I might be wearing what is possibly the perfect striped dress. It would be great for a daytime wedding, a summer soiree, or even just a day at the park. The fabric is thick + structured and I love a good fit & flare silhouette. (They’re flattering on everyone!) I also really love the vertical stripes at the hem – along with the keyhole back, they add an element of fun to an otherwise classic piece

Rahua Amazon Beauty.

If you’ve been a regular in these parts for a while now, then you may remember that I’m a big fan of Rahua Amazon Beauty. (It’s pronounced “ra-wa” for the record!) I first heard of the line via Victoria, as I was looking for a shampoo + conditioner that were 100% natural. I got hooked because the products worked so well (they’re especially great for dry/dehydrated hair as the products all contain oil from the Rahua nut…

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!

Today kicks off Nordstrom’s half year sale, which means savings of up to 40% off so many categories of the site. The sale runs through May 31st, and then prices go back up! Here are the highlights + things you need to know about the sale… happy shopping!

Embellished Jacket + Jeans.

  I wore this outfit last week to a day full of meetings + working in coffee shops. This is one of those fail proof outfits that’s still relatively polished, but super comfy… and I love how the textures of my peplum top + jacket complement each other. Also: I …