DIY Jeweled Headband.

My friend Felicia (from This That Beauty) has the most beautiful headband. It looks like jewelry. I think it’s from Jennifer Behr. Seeing her out and about at one of many holiday parties inspired me… and made me think. You can toss your hair in a messy bun and still look amazing with a headband like that. So, I set out to make my own. And as luck would have it, it was rather easy…

Drunk Elephant.

When it comes to my skincare routine, I am very fussy. It needs to be 100% natural and non-toxic, and it needs to work. For that reason, I am a die-hard Tata Harper fan… but we’ve already been over that. I have tried 1,000,001 other products and with a few exceptions (Om Aroma & Co.) most brands fall short. Recently, I learned about a new-to-Sephora brand, Drunk Elephant and I was intrigued. I loved the packaging and the name, but when I found out that it was all-natural, I had to get my hands on it…

Easy Staples + Some Questions.

I’m wearing a few faves today. I bought this shearling scarf three years ago and am still surprised by how often I wear it. It’s fun for parties or going out at night, but equally lovely during the day as an extra layer to stay warm. People always think it’s a vest or attached to my coat, but it’s just a scarf. I get asked about it all the time and this is the closest I’ve been able to find, but it’s very expensive  (albeit on sale, for $450 from $1250.) A much more affordable way to get the look is this Topshop Fur Scarf – you could wear it the same way.

Weekend Reading.

Well, this was a rather eventful week. I launched the new site (thank you for your comments and sweet words, I couldn’t be more excited about this new direction for the blog!) I am so excited to have a long weekend (they surprised us at work which was kind of the most amazing thing ever… we don’t usually have it off!) and so I have declared Monday a work-free day of relaxation and pampering…

Snow Day + Some MLK Sales.

I usually pride myself on planning my outfits wayyyy in advance… but sometimes chaos (or in this case, snow!) strikes.  And so I threw a few of my favorite pieces together. I get asked a lot about my coat, but it’s actually an older Emerson Fry coat (bought a few years ago) with a vintage fur stole layered over it. Also guys, this a good weekend to shop… I’ve rounded up the four best MLK sales below.. you don’t want to miss ‘em!

Travel Diary: Turks & Caicos.

Back in September, JetBlue invited me to experience JetBlue Getaways, and I had to pinch myself. JetBlue is my favorite airline (is it completely ridiculous to have a favorite airline?) because of the quality of their service (I swear, they have the nicest flight attendants), the snacks (yes, this is a very important factor), and “Even More Space” which is a must if you are tall (and insist on always carrying on like I do.)