Cozy in Cashmere.

Today we’re going to talk about cashmere. I’ve said this before but I am a complete and utter cashmere addict. Great cashmere lasts forever and there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a thick buttery cashmere sweater on a cold day.

Best of: Cyber Monday.

I can’t believe that today is Cyber Monday¬†(and the end of all the crazy sales!) There are so many amazing deals (and so many not so great ones too, but lucky for us I sifted through the clutter). These are my favorites… the ones that are just too good to miss!

Gift Guide: The Frequent Flyer

Today’s gift guide is for that girl (or guy) who is always on the go. I feel like there are so many great gifts out there for the frequent traveler that are not only thoughtful and fun, but also extremely practical. From this universal charger (I seriously need one) to this mini humidifier

Weekend Reading.

Anddd weekend. Today is my last day on Cape Cod with my family and then I go home tomorrow morning. It’s been so nice having a few days with my parents. We’ve had some great meals, and done a lot too. Yesterday we wandered around the Cape Cod Museum of Art and then took in a screening of Brooklyn

Giveaway: $1,000 in Diamonds from Mined (Charm & Chain!)

Today’s giveaway is for the diamond lover. I know that diamonds are sort of unpopular and that no one likes them, but I hope at least a few of you will enter. (In case the sarcasm didn’t translate; GET READY – THIS IS THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!) Last week, my friends at Charm & Chain..

Black Friday!

And it’s here. Or almost here! Most of the big Black Friday sales have already kicked off, a few don’t start until tomorrow. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up all of the best sales + deals for you in one handy guide. It’s time to shop, shop, shop! My goal is to be finished with my holiday shopping by tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see how that goes!

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