Cocktail Hour: The Grapefruit Negroni.

A few weeks ago I was planning out my February content calendar and looking through my my cocktails archive to see where the holes were. I was shocked to see that I’ve actually never shared a Negroni recipe here with you. The horror! Seriously though, the Negroni is my favorite…

Stripe Finds // Little discoveries you'll love


Wash your face with mud? Hell yes! May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud is one of the most decadent cleansers I’ve ever tried. It smells amazing, so much so that even though it’s mud, I wanted to eat it. Leaves skin super clean – and soft.


If you haven’t scooped up Garden & Gun’s new cookbook yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. For one thing, it’s a feast for the eyes. Pure food porn. For another, it’s chock full of story telling. I love a cookbook that also teaches me a bit of history!


I’m such a fan of Ariel Gordon’s designs and am in complete and utter love with her lockets… especially this one. It reminds me a lot of one that I had as a child (why didn’t I hang onto it!?) The heart makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day…


As a general rule, if SEA is making it, I want it. Their new spring collection is amazing – I want every single piece. This dress really stands out though.. the cut makes it feel so special and cool.

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