Weekend Reading.


Happy long weekend, friends!!! I hope you are doing something fabulous and fun. I have a few fun plans but am mostly just bumming around the city. A BBQ today, a picnic tomorrow, and a little exploring on Monday. And a few workout classes with my favorite workout buddy, Kat. This week was really weird.

The Stripe Picks


Stripe Finds // Little discoveries you'll love


My friend Amber had this ban.do glittery phone case, and my friend Alex and I loved it so much that we both ordered it… from her phone, during brunch. It’s just so good… reminds me of those lava toys we played with as kids. I can’t stop staring at it!


This hair serum is one of the most luxurious I’ve ever tried. It’s pricy, but you only need a little. I met with David Mallett himself (the king of “French girl hair”) and he advised me that a little goes a long way. Rub a few drops between your fingers and apply clavicle down!


I saw these earrings while in Rhode Island visiting Loren Hope’s studio and they are even more stunning in person. I’m a sucker for any and all things ombre, and these look just like the sunset! They’d be so perfect with a little white dress + hair pulled back!


kühn keramik makes such lovely porcelain pieces (I’ve spent wayyy too much time ogling their wares at ABC Home), and I’m completely obsessed with this “darling” bowl. Makes me want to put on my most luxurious PJ’s and indulge in a big bowl of ice cream.

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