Doubled up Denim.

sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe
top // bag // jeans // heels // earrings

Happy Tuesday! Tuesdays are kinda the worst. I never really dread Mondays as I’m usually excited to start a brand new week, and after Wednesday you are closer to the weekend every day… but Tuesdays are kind of a slump day. Maybe I will start a new tradition on Tuesdays to make them a little better. Ice cream Tuesdays…? Ice cream makes any day better. 😉

How was your weekend? Mine was a little bit lonely, actually. It’s funny – my weeks get so busy and I am such an introvert that by the weekend, I’m usually all like, “hahaha that’s funny… no way am I leaving my apartment.” My friends either end up coming over or dragging me out. But no one was really around this weekend so I hibernated most of the weekend. It wasn’t all bad… I got a bunch of work done, baked a cake, made my grandma’s curried chicken salad, made peach ice cream… so domestic! And I finished House of Cards – that show is crazy!!!! I did have a fun brunch on Sunday. I’m helping my friend brainstorm ideas for his startup, and that’s been really fun + interesting. I often find myself missing brainstorming + the collaborative environment from my day job. Regularly sitting down with friends to brainstorm helps fill that void and keep me sharp… and it’s more fun as we’ll usually brainstorm over food and/or drinks.

Anyways, this chambray off the shoulder top is just the best. For one, I consider chambray a neutral as it basically goes with everything (a good alternative as for me, I buy white shirts over and over and over again!) For another, it is SO soft. So soft that it feels like brushed silk. I kid you not. I’ll rarely tell you that you need but if you need more cute tops in your life, this is a good one. Pair it with denim, white jeans, black pants, and tuck into all your skirts + shorts! Also… my favorite Manolos are on sale. They’re currently half off. I don’t even know how that is a thing, but it is… so, if they come in your size I highly recommend snapping ’em up!

Outfit Details: Sanctuary Top (c/o) // Rag & Bone Frayed Skinny Jeans (also here + here) // Manolo Blahnik Heels (on sale!) // BaubleBar Earrings // Hermes Bangle // Chloe Bag

sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe sanctuary chambray off the shoulder top | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. The colour of your top really brings out your eyes – beautiful!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. carrie says 6.13.17

    Your hair is gorgeous – I’m loving the darker color on you it really is stunning!

    • grace at the stripe says 6.13.17

      aw thanks carrie! glad to hear it… it’s partially out of laziness.. i’ve been letting my natural color grow out! x

  3. Natali says 6.13.17

    You’re looking fantastic in this denim on denim combo!

  4. Alexis MacIsaac says 6.13.17

    This is a really great look.

  5. brittany says 6.13.17

    loooooovvve me some double denim. canadian tuxedos for the win!

    xo, brittany
    five ways to help your child love reading on my blog today!

    • grace at the stripe says 6.13.17

      hahahaha yes… i don’t do it very often but the off the shoulder top made it feel a little more approachable and feminine! xo

  6. Briana says 6.13.17

    Love this outfit! And I’m with you on the brainstorming—even though I do it sometimes in my day job currently, it’s actually something I miss from group projects in college when everyone was excited and had lots of fresh ideas.

    Briana |

    • grace at the stripe says 6.13.17

      yes, there is something so inspiring about being in a collaborative environment!!!

  7. Cathleen says 6.13.17

    Love that top and your hair.

  8. Kendal says 6.13.17

    Such a cute look!! I gotta get a top like this ASAP!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  9. Angela says 6.13.17

    I need those jeans! They are perfect!


  10. Jenn Lake says 6.13.17

    So classic – those earrings are the perfect addition! Obsessed with House of Cards – definitely need to carve out a weekend to see the new season!

  11. Liz says 6.13.17

    For the bigger chested readers out there – any thoughts on good strapless bras? I love the off-the-shoulder trend but feel like it’s off limits to me because I have never found a strapless bra that could hold every thing up and not strangle me in the process.

    • grace at the stripe says 6.13.17

      omg haha YESSSSSS. The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless bra is my everything. It stays up all day, it’s magical! And it goes up to a size H.
      It was a game changer for me. Realize my chest is not thaaat big but trust, still big enough to be frustrated by strapless bras! I tell everyone to get it!!

      (if you get it, please report back!) xo

      • Liz says 6.13.17

        Thank you so much! Super excited to try this. I feel like you’re kind of screwed on things if you’re C and above.

        • grace at the stripe says 6.15.17

          yay! PLEASE let me know how you like it. This may be TMI but I am a 34D (which is hilarious as I had been wearing a 36B until I got properly measured last year), and I LOVE mine! xo

  12. Sam says 6.13.17

    I’m usually hesitant about denim on denim, but I love this combo! Also, as you know, I totally understand where you’re coming from on the introvert front. We spent this weekend with my husband’s very extroverted extended family and I feel like I need a few days to decompress lol!


    • grace at the stripe says 6.13.17

      Right? I feel the same. I think bc the top is a bit more feminine than say, a button down, it’s a little more approachable/easy to wear.
      I hope you get your introvert time… it’s a necessity!!! xo

  13. Cy says 6.13.17

    I also love the outfit! Your natural makeup is lovely too. You look so young!
    I have such a crazy social job, I need serious down time. I know if I’m feeling lonely, it’s because I haven’t checked in with myself enough and processed. It’s never about other people. We get crazy busy, too much device time and we forget to process. My friend used to call It her “monk weekend”. Usually one a month she would check out, see no one, turn off her phone and recharge for a weekend. It Keeps you from running yourself ragged! One day is usually good for me. We have to fill up, to give successfully. On that note, I have a million things to do before my vacation. My Monday is Tuesday, so I feel you. Taco Tuesdays? Tequila Tuesdays?

    • grace at the stripe says 6.15.17

      Thanks Cy! You are so right – it’s never about other people, it’s about you, and checking in with yourself is so important. And I looooove taco Tuesdays.

  14. Hannah says 6.13.17

    So cute! I love a chic take on the Canadian tuxedo. 🙂

    xx Hannah //

  15. Dana says 6.13.17

    Love love love this top, Grace! And I’m totally with ya about Tuesdays, I think they’re SO much worse than Mondays!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  16. Alex says 6.13.17

    Ha that’s so me to stay in because I can’t bear to go out and then get lonely/depressed at home. The constant introvert struggle! I appreciate your honesty, Instagram can give us constant Fomo these days it’s a good reminder that we’re not all happy all the time. Xo

    • grace at the stripe says 6.15.17

      aw thanks. I think it’s important to keep it real. Life can’t always be sunshine and rainbows and unicorn lattes 😉

  17. Meghan says 6.13.17

    This darker hair color looks so good on you!

  18. Alison says 6.13.17

    I’m kind of mad at House of Cards this season. For the first 6-8 episodes, I really found I wasn’t enjoying it — it felt gross to watch people callously manipulate our government and political system for their own gain (or just for fun), and it all seemed much too close to real life (and not the fun, juicy drama it was). I really thought this would be my last season with this show, but then the last 5 episodes really picked up and I think they could go in some really interesting directions…but we have to wait another year or more?! Boo.

  19. Emily Farina says 6.17.17

    The all the various blues in this outfit are so perfect for summer and the warmer weather we are having in NYC! Not to mention the color really brings out your eyes :). This look just feels refreshing, even though it’s denim. Looks great!