Glossier Does Sunscreen!

glossier invisible shield review | daily sunscreen SPF 35 | The Stripe

I was so excited when Glossier announced that they were making a sunscreen. I wear SPF every day – I don’t need to go on and on about the importance of it, but wearing sunscreen is far and away, the best thing you can do to help stop the skin’s aging process.

When I think of Glossier, I think of “no makeup-makeup…” products that make you look like you, but better (hello Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, Lip Stains!) so it’s only fitting that their new (SPF 35) sunscreen, Invisible Shield, would be what I’m calling, a “no sunscreen-sunscreen.” So you know how sticky and greasy sunscreen can be? There’s none of that. The formula is actually a translucent (scroll down to the last pic) watergel that sinks right into your skin. It feels reallllly good on your skin because it feels like nothing – it’s instantly absorbed… so not only is it invisible, but once you put it on, you don’t feel it at all. I really love it.

The only two things I dislike about it are that a) it’s not all natural (but none of Glossier’s products are) and b) that it isn’t waterproof. So it’s great for everyday wear (unless you sweat a lot), but if you’re heading to the beach you’ll want to grab something water resistant. I’m no scientist but I have a feeling it was probably really hard for the brand to develop a formula this light and weightless and also make it waterproof… Most waterproof sunscreens are waterproof because their a little greasy – it helps them stay on!

glossier invisible shield review | daily sunscreen SPF 35 | The Stripe glossier invisible shield review | daily sunscreen SPF 35 | The Stripe glossier invisible shield review | daily sunscreen SPF 35 | The Stripe

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  1. I think I’d actually like the sound of this sunscreen, because it’s not greasy. It’s not like I go to the beach or dunk my head in water often so it’d be great for everyday wear!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Alison Burke says 5.17.17

    I like Glossier and definitely love their focus on natural glowy skin, but my friends and I have been discussing this a lot and I’m not digging this particular product. The price is high — $34 for an ounce of product is pretty spendy. If you use it regularly, it probably won’t last more than a month (actually I see they have an autodelivery option and the first option they give you is a monthly delivery). Sunscreen is SUPER important, but there are a lot of great products (that contain the same, or better, ingredients) out there that do a great job for a fraction of the price.

    Also, I don’t know…for some reason I feel nervous about getting full protection from this product. I remember all of the issues with the Honest Company’s sunblock…when it comes to protecting my face, I feel better using tried and tested products.

    • Betsie says 5.17.17

      Agree. I’m a big fan of La Roche Posey fluid mineral sunscreen for the best protection. It never lets me down. During winter months I’ll use Chanel CC cream with 50 broad spectrum SPF and it gives me flawless complexion and lasts.

      • Lauren says 5.19.17

        My brother is a doctor and was recently at a dermatology conference, and he said that the La Roche Posey sunscreen is the product that the dermatologists recommended most highly for the face. I have been using it for years and it really is the best!

      • grace at the stripe says 5.22.17

        Thank you for the suggestions!

    • grace at the stripe says 5.22.17

      I hear this. I was sent a sample to review (or not review, there was no obligation) but if I hadn’t been, I would have been nervous spending my own money on it. I will say that what I love about it is how non greasy it is. I feel like they all make me break out and this one just soaks right in… it feels invisible on your skin.

  3. Km says 5.17.17

    I’ve never quite gotten this right…do you put moisturizer on first, then sunscreen? Or sunscreen first. Or just sunscreen alone. Also, do you wear sunscreen everyday all over your body too or just your face and neck?

    • Nicole says 5.21.17

      I use Mario Badescu’s Oil Free Moisturizer every morning and it has SPF 30, so it’s a two-in-one, which I love. I don’t wear sunscreen all over my body everyday, but it’s a habit I really should get into- better safe than sorry!

      I am intrigued by Glossier’s product (I’m a huge glossier customer) but not sure I would use it. I have a moisturizer that has just as much SPF, and since it’s not waterproof, it’s not doing anything that I don’t have already. Plus, it’s a high price point for such a small amount of product.

    • grace at the stripe says 5.22.17

      Moisturizer, then sunscreen. Sunscreen should be the last step! I only put it on my face and neck everyday unless I have a big day of being outside.