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  1. I’ve wanted a Swell bottle since forever, and that marble pattern is my favourite yet.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love their water bottles so much – they keep your water so cold, and they’re also really pretty.

  2. Alyson Seligman says 3.9.17

    New workout clothes make me equally happy!! I LOVE Beyond Yoga pants too… they’re so comfy, and I’ve also had a lot of success at Athleta… they clearly take a woman with curves in mind, and love some of the pants that now have pockets. Amazingly helpful!


    1. pockets in workout leggings = the absolute best!!!

    2. Meghan says 3.9.17

      Agreed on Athleta! My favorite workout top is the Athleta Chi tank in tall. I’m only 5’4″ but I like the extra length to cover my booty a bit and so it doesn’t rise up during down dog 🙂

      1. grace at the stripe says 3.10.17

        ooh I had no idea they make tall tops – that is key!!

  3. Sophie says 3.9.17

    I love the color blocked leggings. Thee gray and black parts look amazing together.


    1. grace at the stripe says 3.10.17

      me too!!!

  4. Kate says 3.10.17

    I have a couple Nike versions of the T back tank and I LOVE them – especially for the summertime! The new steam room & sauna at my gym is totally a motivator for me too! I haven’t quite figured out the best way to make use of it for skin care – wash face first? after? exfoliate? etc…. any tips?! (Don’t worry, I know how to relax in there for sure!)

    1. grace at the stripe says 3.11.17

      You know, I actually have no idea!! I don’t wear makeup to the gym so my skin is pretty clean. Common sense/logic tells me to wash your face first if you still have makeup on so that you don’t sweat it off while in the steam room. I always shower right away after and I think that’s probably the most important thing – to rinse off all the stuff you just sweated out. Hope that helps?

  5. Catherine says 3.13.17

    I don’t know if you saw this, but over the weekend the Agent Nateur CEO got into a fight on instagram with a woman. The CEO had posted a story about how women marching in the post-inauguration marches should make sure they’re living up to standards of fairness in their own lives, and that those who didn’t are cu***. A customer, Karlie, posted that she wouldn’t be purchasing AN products anymore because of that video, and the CEO came on her page and not only said she didn’t take back using the c-word, but also threatened to sue Karlie. It was really shocking conduct and definitely turned me off the brand. Given your posts since the inauguration, I thought you might want to know – screenshots of the CEO’s posts are at https://instagram.com/p/BRgRZpzl4mO/

    1. grace at the stripe says 3.13.17

      Oh my GOD – I can’t believe this happened – and am SO sad because I really love their products. Totally crazy, thank you for sharing. I also really love the Schmidt’s stick – maybe I will stick to that from now on. So bummed out by this. 🙁

  6. Amanda says 3.14.17

    Equinox is THE BEST. It’s pricey but totally worth it for the classes and amenities. I’m biased because I teach there but seriously, you’ll be so happy you joined. Metcon3 is one of my fave HIIT classes, check it out. Enjoy!

    1. grace at the stripe says 3.15.17

      I completely agree. The amenities are so wonderful. I will check out Metcon3! xx

  7. Kyra says 3.23.17

    Do you know of any shops in NYC that sell Agent Nateur? I always pop into natural beauty stores to check when I see them, but I have yet to find it!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. grace at the stripe says 3.23.17

      Oh gosh you know, I don’t!!! Maybe Credo? Or maybe CAP Beauty? I always just order mine online from Levert 🙂

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