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  1. LOVE the popping red colour of the Tibi coat! Thank you for providing an alternative.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. caitlin leary says 2.21.17

    This is amazing!! Such a fun round-up.

  3. Marta says 2.21.17

    All of the looks really are amazing and the pieces you picked are gorgeous as well!

  4. Brittany says 2.21.17

    I love this post- and I totally think you are fashionable! You could (and do!) rock half of these looks.

    xo, brittany
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  5. Roxanne says 2.21.17

    Howww do I even decide which street style look I love the most!? I saw a lot of fuzzy coats and embellished jackets, too. Amazing picks – thank you!

  6. Wendy says 2.21.17

    Yes yes yes! Eva Chen is my favorite. I can’t get away with her style, but I always pull inspiration from it.

  7. Dana Mannarino says 2.21.17

    This was such a fun and different post for you, I love it!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  8. carrie says 2.21.17

    Love the way you distilled the street style into wearable takeaways!


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