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  1. Hitha says 2.17.17

    The AWAY carry-on (smallest size) meets most European airlines’ carry-on limits. I flew with it on EasyJet, Vueling and had no issues!

  2. I went to Europe for three weeks in summer and basics were the key! Lots of mixing and matching versatile pieces!!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Marta says 2.17.17

    I’ve never travelled on a plane but your tips were still useful because who knows, I might do it one day.

  4. Ellen says 2.17.17

    I have the Halogen tunic sweater and LOVE it. Have my eyes on that cream sweater. Would love to visit Europe some day!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  5. Jess says 2.17.17

    Grace, everyone has been absolutely raving about this carry-on: https://www.awaytravel.com/luggage/carry-on/blue?gclid=Cj0KEQiA25rFBRC8rfyX1vjeg7YBEiQAFIb3b52QR85okR7G6lLTr8Jj3A-a15BN0BVER6JDC04hdcgaAhEM8P8HAQ

    Unfortunately by the time I head about Away carry-on I had JUST purchased a new Samsonite for a 2 week trip (and taken off the tags), so will keep that one for now, but am day-dreaming about the Away carry-on. It looks so practical!

  6. Sam says 2.17.17

    Love this Tumi bag! But some of these roller suitcase options are nice as well: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/carry-on-bags-that-fit-new-guidelines

  7. Emma says 2.17.17

    I have an Away carry on and love it – it is super light and has a larger capacity than many other carry on because of its construction. The built in battery is great too! I routinely take long trips to Europe using only my Away and an expandable Longchamp tote (tip: focus on black and neutral clothing you can mix and have low heeled boots for day to night.)
    $20 off Away bags through this link: http://fbuy.me/eH6fl

  8. Christin says 2.17.17

    i would assume the AWAY bag would be okay. i am OBSESSED with mine!

  9. Taylor says 2.17.17

    The beachwaver has been life changing for me – especially on vacations like this! Air dry and it does magic! Thanks for list I have an Italy trip coming up in a few months and I think I need those leggings for my 10 hour flight!
    — Taylor
    The Sarcastic Blonde

  10. Beth says 2.17.17

    Hi Grace! I love packing posts! The beyond yoga leggings look amazing–I live near Bandier so will see if I can try them on before purchasing. I’d be curious if you packed anything you ended up not wearing or if there’s something you wished you had packed. Over the years I’ve gotten better at predicting what I want to wear, but there’s always a couple things that just take up room in my suitcase or cases where I’d wish I’d packed more sweaters or more dresses, etc.

  11. Merritt Beck says 2.17.17

    Such a great post! Packing is one of my least favorite things to do, so I’m going to keep all of this in mind the next time I have to.

    The Style Scribe

  12. Brooke says 2.17.17

    Question for you, how do you get your beachwaver to work overseas!? Is the voltage European? I have basically given up on finding a voltage converter and it makes me so sad!

  13. Naila Hanak says 2.17.17

    I love packing posts! Especially as I’m about to pack a weeks worth of things for a week in Europe today!

    My carry-on (EU sized) of choice is the Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed 20″. It’s a no-frills design with a lifetime warranty, water resistant exterior And most importantly, has the built-in wheels that give you another few inches of space! The swivel wheels usually eat up 2 inches of valuable space!

  14. Rachel says 2.17.17

    Such a great post!


  15. Kimber says 2.18.17

    This is great! I will say that the 50/50 boots are better packed than worn on the plane, which makes sense given the relatively small amount of space the shaft occupies. I learned this the hard way on a trip to Copenhagen. I took off the boots during the flight, but struggled to put them back on due to swelling and limited leg space. Whoops! 🙂

  16. Emily says 2.18.17

    I was in Copenhagen this week and Germany the week before that, and I managed to do the whole trip (including clothes for work meetings, dinners out, and leisure) in my Briggs and Riley carry-on. I bought the one with built in wheels so I could have the extra inch or two of internal space so I do miss the telescoping wheels a bit, but the extra space is worth it. Love the case and is Euro-travel approved. Those leggings look so cozy, have to get a pair for my next trip!

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