The SAG Awards with L’Oreal!


This blog has led me to some incredible experiences and events, but probably the most memorable thus far happened last weekend – getting to attend the SAG Awards as a guest of L’Oreal. The invitation was a part of my year-long contract with the brand as a member of The L’Oreal League. It did not feel like real life! I spent three nights in Los Angeles. The first night, I was on my own (more on that later) and the next two nights I was with L’Oreal at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills. On our first night, we had an amazing dinner with People & Entertainment Weekly at Catch, and then a party at the Chateau Marmont (I’d only ever been for lunch!) The next day it was up and at ’em, into hair + makeup, then onto the red carpet, off to the SAG Awards, and then then (of course!) the after-party! The weekend was a complete and total whirlwind – I was pinching myself the entire time.

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

Before we dive into photos from the evening, preparation is everything!!!! Here are a few of the things I do to get ready for a big night like this.

Exfoliate! A week or two before I left for LA I realized how dry and ashy my skin was looking (winter skin is the worst, especially when you are going from New York where everyone is covered up in sweaters to LA, where everyone looks amazing and glowy all year round. It isn’t fair.) I exfoliated like crazy. For the week leading up to the awards, I used the L’Oreal Bright Reveal Scrub. I used it every other day on my face, and every single day on my arms. After the shower I used the Bright Reveal Peel Pads on face, neck, décolletage, and arms. Both of these products are meant to be used on your face, but if your arms are feeling rough and bumpy, I can’t say enough good things. The peel pads have been a long-time favorite of mine, I wrote a more comprehensive post about the entire Bright Reveal line here.

Fix your hair! If you need a cut, it’s best to cut it two weeks prior to your big event so that it feels fresh and clean (but not too new). I had been putting both of these things off majorly (I’ve been in the process of growing out my too blonde hair and it had been a year since I had last highlighted it!). A few days before I left for LA I went and saw Jay Jackson at Alex Anthony Salon downtown for subtle balayage. He added a few golden highlights to the top, and then a darker gloss treatment on the ends to deepen the color overall.

Eat well + banish bloat. For the entire week before I stuck to eating clean. Veggies and lean proteins! Two days before I cut out salty foods. Salt dehydrates us which causes us to retain water weight (in our bellies – my problem area!) These foods will also help to reduce bloat: leafy greens, whole grain bread, kimchi (super good for gut health and your digestive track!), oatmeal, apples, cucumbers. Here is a list of even more foods to eat to help banish bloat.

Self-tan. I didn’t self-tan this go around (I think the color of my dress actually compliments pale skin), but I usually do before something fancy. When I do self-tan I love this one from L’Oreal. Fun fact: it was the first self-tanner I ever tried… way back in college! It’s so much more affordable than the department store brands, and distributes a realistic bronze color evenly without any streaks.

Take a bath! The night before the SAG Awards I took my favorite detox bath (2 cups epsom salts, a few drops of Neroli Oil, 2 Tbsp baking soda).

Do an at home facial! After my bath, I applied L’Oreal’s Charcoal mask (read more about it here!) and left it on for about twenty minutes. It pulls out all the yucky stuff without drying skin out… and leaves skin feeling super bright and fresh.

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

In terms of my look, I pretty much said to both the hair stylist and the makeup artist, “Make me look like an old school Hollywood starlet.” I mean, I’m certainly not Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe, but they did the best with what they could do.

We pretty much built the entire look around two things. First of all, I love having my hair down. I just feel ugly with it up. Every time I’ve put my hair up for an event, I end up inevitably taking it down halfway through the event. So we started with it down, and I felt so glamorous. The stylist blew out my hair

And then there was makeup. I wanted to play up my eyes more than usual, but I also wanted a bright lip. L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Julianne’s Red is one of my favorite reds. It’s slightly blue (yay white teeth) but still bright and fun. I brought it with me from home and had the makeup artist plan the rest of my look around my lipstick.

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

I really loved the final look. It wasn’t too much, but it was still dramatic and perfect for a fancy event. I still felt like myself – just a better-looking version of myself.

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

I was so obsessed with my gown. I felt like a living, breathing Oscar. Now that I’m back in New York the gown has an actual waiting list. My one friend is wearing it next weekend and my other friend is wearing it the following week. It makes me happy to lend my gowns out, though… I have so few occasions to wear them so it’s fun to share ’em with your girlfriends.

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

With the other influencers before the ceremony. I am a giant.

how to get ready for a big night out - the sag awards with l'oreal // grace atwood, the stripe

My little red carpet moment!

sag awards 2017 // l'oreal red lipsticks - julianne's red

Unwinding the next day with berries and the Times… <3

berries and the new york times

This post was created in partnership with L’Oreal. Thanks L’Oreal, for an unforgettable experience!

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  1. You look so beautiful and I love your dress! How tall are you?

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Natali says 2.6.17

    Good Lord woman, you look astonishing! Truly a star in this glamorous dress and your hair… Wow! I’m so impressed by everything!

  3. Sophie says 2.6.17

    I love your hair. The soft curls are amazing.

  4. Jess Zimlich says 2.6.17

    You look SO stunning! What an incredible experience 🙂 I love that your girlfriends are borrowing the dress. Totally random, but my stepmom used to borrow my prom dresses (she’s super petite) for my Dad’s work galas haha. Happy Monday!

  5. M.A says 2.6.17

    I loved the dress! I remember when you were trying it on on Snapchat and it was my favorite so Im happy you went with it! You looked gorgeous!

  6. Angela says 2.6.17

    What an amazing experience! Your dress was perfect for the SAG Awards!


  7. Jenn Lake says 2.6.17

    Oh my gosh! What an amazing experience!!!

  8. Sam says 2.6.17

    You looked gorgeous! Sounds like such an amazing experience and love the look L’Oreal put together for you!


  9. Sofia says 2.6.17

    As a fellow 5’8″/5’9″ girl, I love seeing a tall blogger! You look wonderful Grace!

  10. Briana says 2.6.17

    Wow! This is truly incredible . I followed you last weekend as you attended the SAG Awards but seeing it all in one post is amazing. You looked GORGEOUS, I loved all these pamper tips, and the entire experience must’ve been amazing! Congratulations, Grace 🙂

  11. marissa says 2.6.17

    Grace, you are simply glowing! Loving the black floral dress on the blogger next to you. Any info on her or the dress? Thank you!

  12. Cy says 2.6.17

    Grace, you look amazing! You are totally rocking the old Hollywood glamour look ! I love the color of your dress! ( secretly glad you didn’t choose black). You have such a pretty face, you’re hair is lovely up, so don’t think that. The look you chose is perfect. Your hair, dress, all gorgeous. What a great opportunity for you. Also, super smart idea to share your gown. 🙂

  13. Dana Mannarino says 2.6.17

    HOW FUN!!! I loved following along your trip, definitely looked like a memorable experience and you looked amazing!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  14. carrie says 2.6.17

    so stunning!

  15. Alison says 2.6.17

    You looked amazing! Julianne Moore is my absolute favorite actress so of course she has the most perfect red named after her.

    And you’re right, so many bloggers are pretty petite, I guess I kind of assume everyone is. I’m about 5’9″ (depends on how well I tame my hair that day) and I’m always looking for evening shoes that have a more modest heel. I don’t need the height and they’re usually more comfortable! But in this case you looked like a golden goddess, so the super high heels totally worked for you 🙂

  16. Breanna Marie says 2.6.17

    You look amazing, Grace! So what were you nominated for? Lol jk :p but you do look like a movie star! You definitely chose the right dress; it’s so unique and perfect for you!

    Thanks for the tips on prepping for the event; I’ll be keeping them in mind for my upcoming wedding events!

  17. Devon Hembury says 2.7.17

    Oh my gosh how fun! I loved following along on your LA trip! Love your dress, too! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

  18. Katie says 2.7.17

    This is so cool! Your hair and makeup look amazing and you look like a natural beauty. Great choice on the lipstick and dress!

  19. Helen says 2.7.17

    Amazing dress on an amazing woman for an amazing opportunity! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Katie says 2.7.17

    What an amazing opportunity! You look gorgeous and the event looks so fun!


  21. Audrey says 2.8.17

    how cool! you looked gorge and your dress is amaaaaazing. So fun!!!

  22. Pat Schwab says 2.16.17

    Grace, Your gown was the perfect choice for Hollywood glam. Goddess dress…

    1. graceatwood says 2.18.17

      Aw, thanks so much Pat!! xx

  23. Mariel says 2.16.17

    I’m 5’10 and refuse to wear flats for formal occasions… I’m usually the giant haha!

    1. graceatwood says 2.18.17

      Ha – glad it isn’t just me!!! I always feel SO tall but I don’t care!

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