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  1. Brittany says 1.28.17

    oh my goodness have so much fun in LA! i’ll keep my eyes peeled for you on the SAG red carpet- how amazing!

    xo, brittany
    weekend reading + steals on my blog today

  2. Ali says 1.28.17

    Hi!! Can you update the LBD link? I’m in search of one (!!!) and it currently links to the U Johnson red dress. Xo

  3. Julie says 1.28.17

    Thanks so much for the mention, Grace! Loved featuring you on my site!! Have a great weekend in LA! xo Julie

  4. carrie says 1.28.17

    Did you know Julie is a contributor for Wear + Where + Well? I just love her and loved her interview with you!


  5. Sophie says 1.28.17

    I’m excited to participate in the 10 actions in 100 days.

  6. Mere says 1.28.17

    I have so loved reading your blog over the past few weeks (even added as a bookmark) but I have been so disappointed over the politically motivated posts over the past few days. I came to this site for advice and candid talk around fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and positivity. While you feature one side (the side you agree with) you are missing another angle (i.e. your link to post on love trumps hate, the women marches and political views). I will be removing that bookmark and no longer checking on a daily basis. Disappointed but best of luck to you and your audience.

  7. Jandrew says 1.28.17

    I love ❤️ your blog ,I recently discovered it and read almost every post .I have for about a year written my own blog and would love it if you would have a read! Thanks for your great writing.
    Dress The Part

  8. Alison says 1.28.17

    I’m so conflicted about reading Cat’s bio. I just read the profile in NY Magazine and it’s pretty painful. She’s a fantastic writer (I’ve loved her work since Lucky) and I do think it is important to talk frankly about addiction, but her addiction has become such a part of her persona and I think she enjoys people gawking at her. It’s sad to think of the potential that’s been squandered (she is talented! And has had so many amazing opportunities!).

  9. Maggie says 1.29.17

    I enjoyed reading Mackenzie’s post about her experience at the march as well as Julia’s post. Thank you for continuing to keep these topics alive.

  10. So jealous – I’d love to be in LA right now! Have fun while you’re there!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Hitha Palepu says 1.30.17

    Thank you so much for using your platform and linking to others who do. Women contain multitudes, and we love to stay engaged and fight for a better country (for us all) as much as we love highlighters and stylish outfits. I’m incredibly proud to know you and to call you a friend.
    (also, thanks for linking to my morning/evening routines post – would love to feature yours!)

  12. Mahee Ferlini says 1.30.17

    Great post, I love your Blog!

  13. Hallie Wilson says 1.31.17

    Thanks for including my post, girlfriend! Been loving Cat’s memoir too… Sad to be missing you in NYC in a few weeks but see you soon(er than later, I hope)! x

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