Martian + UFO.

sunday riley Martian and U.F.O.

Sunday Riley Martian and U.F.O.


It’s a rare day that I’ll review a product for oily skin over here. My skin is naturally very dry. So while I rarely break out, my skin generally needs a lot of moisture or it will get dry and tight.

But then that miserable heat wave struck a couple weeks ago. My skin went completely ballistic. Just walking outside for a few blocks would leave it covered in a mix of city filth and grease. I promise I’m not being overly dramatic… if you’ve ever lived in New York City, you know what I mean. It’s an actual layer of filth. This is not at all scientific but I am convinced that the stench from the trash that sits on the streets is absorbed into the humid air and then promptly redistributed onto our skin the second we step outside. My skin felt dirty, disgusting, and for the first time I can remember in ages, I broke out all over my face. On top of the pimples… the SHINE! Not in the dewey, healthy way I try to create with highlighter and face oil… this is a new, oil slick level of shine. I took to carrying face wipes in my purse and would wipe myself down several times a day. It was that bad.

Lucky for me, a box containing Sephora’s new arrivals (sent by the brand) landed on my doorstep. Inside it were two products from Sunday Riley, who I have loved for a long time. (If you want a laugh, check out this post, this post, and this post. Gotta love old blog posts… I should probably delete them but get nostalgic. ) Usually, anything with the words “mattifying” or “clarifying” would be passed to a friend but in this case, I ran to the bathroom to begin testing, immediately.

Martian is a vibrant mint green gel that instantly melts into your skin, cooling it off and leaving your skin feeling instantly mattified. It tightens pores and instantly removes the filth. It also smells amazing.

U.F.O. is something new to me as it’s a clarifying face oil. I have long told my friends who have oilier skin that face oils are good for them as the oil actually helps to balance out their skin (as long as it’s the right kind – Argan oil is actually amazing on oily skin). This one actually contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid, making it the first face oil (at least the first one I’ve encountered) designed specifically to help clear clogged pores + acne-prone skin.

These products were a godsend during the heat wave. Martian was especially magical. It felt so incredible on my skin and got rid of the grease. And U.F.O. is something I will continue to use, all through the winter. Though it’s designed for oily skin it still leaves my dryer skin nice and soft. It’s a nice, lighter alternative to the heavy oils I typically coat my face with at night. (I always apply a layer of face oil as a last step in my routine… it’s the best way to lock in your night cream).

PS – To spot-treat pimples, I LOVE this, from Indie Lee. Love it. You can’t wear it during the day (unless you are alone) but it works wonders.

sunday riley 2

sunday riley 3

This post is not sponsored, though I did receive these products c/o Sephora (with no obligation to post).

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  1. Melanie says 8.29.16

    Hi Grace – I have been using the moisturizer by this brand and loving it! One question I always have is…..when using an oil do you use a moisturizer/cream after the oil? Or just the oil? I have been using by oil at night and my moisturizer in the daytime but just curious if they should be layered or can be layered? Thanks!!

  2. Nicole Coppins says 8.31.16

    Great post! I always love reading your beauty posts… You find the best stuff. If only I had an unlimited beauty budget!! And as for linking your old posts- don’t delete them. I started my blog in 2012, during my freshman year of high school and there were so many cringe-worthy posts that I deleted. While I’m glad my Abercrombie and braces days are no longer published on the Internet, I wished I saved them, just for myself. Just something to keep in mind! XO, Nicole //

  3. Emily B. says 8.31.16

    I definitely appreciate the oily skin recommendation! I love your beauty write ups, but with my oily complexion, it’s hard to know if some of your favorite products would work for me. I wish someone with oily skin and your thorough approach to beauty existed!

  4. […] I get asked this all the time and I know you think I’m crazy but it won’t! Even Vogue agrees with me here. You just need to find your perfect oil. According to the article, “Oils can help stabilize and regulate the overproduction of sebum, and actually help get rid of acne.” Vogue recommends that those with oilier skin use a dryer oil (such as jojoba, hazelnut, or sesame). In many cases, using a face oil will actually reduce sebum production + clear up your skin. You could also try a clarifying facial oil like Sunday Riley UFO. I was really into that one this summer when my skin all of a sudden turned oily + greasy during that heat wave. I wrote about it more here. […]

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