Weekend Reading.


Hello from Belfast! As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m here spending time with my friend Aly and her family… and then on Tuesday morning (early early!) I fly back to London to spend a few days working on a project with Sisley Paris. I’m a little light on links this week but the ones I have are good ones… and also: thank you all so much for your amazing comments on my post about dating in your thirties… it was hard to write but your responses made it worth it!

I’m so thrilled for Jess – her Spring collection looks great!

I love Hitha’s Digital Detox Challenge.

A cleaver innovation from Clinique: the scrub/balm duo. A bit obsessed with these!

Like Erica, I have been wanting a neon sign for some time… I love this DIY version! So. Creative.

I’m gonna need this SEA dress.

What happened when kids dressed their moms for fashion week. (Adorable!)

Christine looks so chic in this neutral ensemble. Those boots!

I really liked Alicia’s 5 Minute Beauty Routine… (and can totally relate – I get ready very quickly too).

I can’t get over this cute pink gingham dress.

Some really amazing tips + tricks for switching to a natural deodorant. I have been following these tips + using this natural deodorant (far and away the best I’ve tried) for a little over a week and have not had a bit of stink.

So what if you can’t wear a bra with it? This navy midi dress is hot.

Loved Mackenzie’s striped/blue outfit!

Such a fun way to style a cardigan.

The worst romantic comedies of all time. (Embarrassed to say, I’ve seen most of ’em!)

Have you heard of Stevie Howell? She makes the most chic robes.

Sit at a desk all day? Do these things.

This striped fringe coat is just so chic for Spring.

Now this is a “hair trend” I can get behind…

These shoes came in the mail this week. They’re amazing – sexy and comfy all at once.

This cocktail sounds so good!


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  1. Nicole says 2.21.16

    I need to get those shoes!!


  2. Mary says 2.21.16

    Do you like Agent Nateur better than Fig + Yarrow? Fig + Yarrow has been the only one I’ve found that doesn’t burn when you apply it/can withstand the gym. I’m intrigued.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my post! xoxo

  4. lauren says 2.23.16

    so I’m in love with the Navy ASOS dress you linked here, but as you said–can’t really wear a bra with it. Do you have any tips/tricks/products for wearing a dress like this for someone who can’t go sans bra? I would love some help! you looked great in that long red dress that had a plunging neckline, so there must be a way!
    thank you for any help!

  5. Hanan says 2.24.16

    Want to try

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