DIY: Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather Bracelet Final

I’m pretty excited about the leather bracelet DIY tutorial I put together for iVillage.  Pop on over and check out the tutorial!  This one is incredibly easy and makes for a fantastic holiday gift…. give yourself an hour and you can make one for every single person on your list!

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  1. Lynn Powell says 12.18.13

    This a great looking bracelet. Where did you find the hook closure? Thank you for all your beautiful ideas.

  2. Tina says 12.20.13

    Hello where can we buy the materials?

  3. fashionsbit says 1.20.14

    I think I am in love with all of your DIYs…

  4. Cheryl Tipken says 3.22.14

    I love this, I’m having a hard time finding the hook… Do you remember what it’s called? Thanks

  5. Love this, didnt know ivillage had a DIY section, will definitely check it out 🙂

  6. ozella says 5.24.15

    this link does not go DIRECTLY to the project. not good.

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