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  1. Rachelle says 3.15.13

    Lisa’s studio is my dream, seeing all these jewelry supplies get me so excited.


  2. Jess says 3.15.13

    Wow, I love how the necklace turned out! It must have been a really awesome experience working with Lulu Frost (Lisa), and I adore the idea of repurposing some important items into a stylish piece.

    I don’t know if you already have a post on this (or have any interest in writing one) but I think an introductory “how to get started with jewelry DIYs and what you need” post would be great for any of us who are terrified of all the pliers, chain types, etc.

  3. Quinn Cooper says 3.15.13

    Wow, what a beautiful unique meaningful piece of jewelry. It must be so great to have a family heirloom from your grandma on such an awesome new piece of jewelry. I’m loving this new series.

    Quinn Cooper Style

  4. Rita says 3.15.13

    I love the final output! So fun to see the creative process – and realize how her pieces are made in general… Definitely makes them seem like they are worth the splurge!

  5. Another fab piece! I seriously want to go there and spend the day creating!!

  6. Alyssa says 3.15.13

    These are crazy cool…and I love seeing the whole design process go down. Gorgeous!

  7. ALISON says 3.15.13

    It looks beautiful! Congratulations!

  8. Wow – this is amazing – everything she touches turns into something beautiful. I so want to collect some pieces to send her! Love this new feature.

  9. FAB! Great to see the steps & whole process!

  10. Hes says 3.15.13

    These pieces are so uniquely beautiful! Thanks for letting me know about this option.

  11. Samantha says 3.15.13

    I have serious workshop envy.

  12. Lauren says 3.15.13

    ahhh so jealous! we need that chain wall for our jewelry making. that is amazing.

  13. I cannot stop staring at the finished product! What an amazing piece to cherish!

  14. i want to be you when i grow up. seriously, your adventures are so fun.
    love the necklace and can’t wait to see it in future posts!

  15. Becca says 3.15.13

    Wow! Really cool. I love what you did with the pearl pendant.

  16. Illumine says 3.15.13

    So beautiful and unique. You did a great job. It’s destined to become and heirloom!

  17. alyson says 3.15.13

    Wow, so incredible and love all of your helpful details, like the file. Your necklace is gorgeous, and amazing it’s so personal, too.

  18. erin@pocket stylist says 3.15.13

    Wow how fun. I love this what a gorgeous necklace.

  19. Monique says 3.15.13

    This is so so gorgeous! I may have to go through Mom’s old jewelry to find some unique pieces now!

  20. Sara says 3.15.13

    I love this necklace. As I said during part 1: so jealous! Also, I am loving that shirt. Hilarious.

  21. JennySue Makeup says 3.15.13

    that is SO FUN! and I love that you paired it with that tee shirt – gives it such a funky edge.

  22. Merrill says 3.15.13

    Seriously, that necklace is to die for. Great accent with the blue gem. The 100 Year Collection is so beautifully unique…would love to gather some old, family pieces and have them put something together!

  23. Noemi says 3.16.13

    I could go crazy in front of that wall of chains!

  24. […] jelly that Grace got to hang out with the amazing Lulu Frost… […]

  25. Lauren says 3.16.13

    Wow that jewellery is amazing, I love this idea fmof refashioning!
    In love with your t shirt though, where’s it from?


  26. Akaleistar says 3.16.13

    Your necklace looks fabulous! It would be so fun to do this to some of my family heirlooms…

  27. Gaby says 3.17.13

    OMG this is like the best experience ever Grace!

  28. Susan says 3.25.13

    Gorgeous results! You two did a great job!

  29. Christina says 8.19.14

    Beautiful necklace! What a creative woman!

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