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  1. Sweetsoflife86 says 10.16.12

    Really pretty necklace and DIY. Beautiful
    xo, Petra


  2. You should rename your blog to “She’s Crafty” in honor of both the Beastie Boys and your awesomeness.

  3. Annie says 10.16.12

    What a clever way to reverse-engineer the Erickson Beamon necklace!  You definitely channeled the feel of the original.  I love it.  Hope you’re having fun on your trip!


  4. Philothea says 10.16.12

    How did you do those nails? Too cool!

  5. Drew Elizabeth says 10.16.12

    Looks vintage! Love it!

  6. Kara Endres says 10.16.12

    omg, that’s such a clever way to connect the flowers! Such an awesome necklace.

  7. schindewolf says 10.16.12

    AJ could TOTALLY do this. Totally. Weekend project! 🙂 

  8. Cassie dulworth says 10.16.12

    You were right that this DIY was amazing. I love it!! I need to make this soon. Its gorgeous. 

  9. Coco Bolinho says 10.16.12

    awesome! would be my weekend DIY project!

    love you!


  10. So pretty! Gorgeous DIY, Grace.

  11. Weekend Reading says 10.20.12

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  14. Clio Beads says 2.25.13

    Pretty! Love the design. wanna make one for myself.

  15. Clara porche says 1.16.16

    I like this necklace not hard to make

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