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  1. Tara says 8.13.12

    That is one charming necklace 🙂 The lace goes surprisingly well with chain


    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thank you so much, Tara!!

  2. Martagalbu says 8.13.12

    I love the colours you chose!

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thank you!!

  3. The Avg Girl Guide says 8.13.12

    How special! Love how it incorporates a piece of your family there. 

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      yes, I love it so much! Thanks, Alyson!!

  4. tomorrowtodayblog says 8.13.12

    i love this! i could spend hours going through all of the lace and crochet options! 

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      Me too! So many fantastic options. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth Schneider says 8.13.12

    So gorgeous Grace! I love the rusty metallic thread paired with the lace + gold. Such a special necklace!

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      Aw, thanks Liz! When are you going to make something! 😉

  6. PennyPincherFashion says 8.13.12

    Yet another amazing DIY, Grace!  I am working on one right now that is way too complicated – really wish I had your talent! 🙂


    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks, Kimberly! Can’t wait to see your DIY!

  7. Viviana Carmona says 8.13.12

    Absolute beauty!

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks, Viv!

  8. Kristin & Megan says 8.13.12

    What an awesome idea! My Nonnie has tons of vintage lace!

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      I think that means it’s time for a Bon Bon DIY!! 🙂

  9. So like what you’re saying is that I’m not as cool because I don’t have family heirloom lace? Whatever. 

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      exactly. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

  10. Cheetahisthenewblack says 8.13.12

    Super cool… love the lace against the chain! 

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks lady! PS – wearing our DIY today! xo

  11. Becca Atwood says 8.13.12

    I love it!!

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks, sister! xoxo

  12. Alyharte says 8.13.12

    Grace this is SO good! I was remembering two years ago when you when you said you made necklaces. Now look at what you’re making, they’re fab! I love how you’ve presented the step by step guide too. x

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      Aw, thanks Aly!! So funny, that was so long ago! xox

  13. erica @ fashion meets food says 8.13.12

    Very cute! Love this! xo 

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thank you, erica! x

  14. inhonorofdesign says 8.13.12

    Pretty amazing finish as always! Love the mix of fabric and chain! 🙂

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      Thanks Anna! xx

  15. Denise Atwood says 8.13.12

    absolutely beautiful!  I knew you would find a use for that lace!  xo

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks Mom 🙂 🙂

  16. Beautiful and sentimental! Great work Grace!

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thank you, Erin! xo

  17. nathyness says 8.14.12

    Wow. If there’s one DIY project I’m willing to follow through on, this is it. I just learned how to sew on a button two weeks ago though, and that’s been the extent of my experience with sewing. But this looks totally doable… I think I’m gonna do it!

    Greetings from Miami, and thanks for the inspiration!


    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks for your comment, Nathy! I really hope you try the necklace, it’s a fun + easy project – you can definitely do it!!

  18. Lia says 8.14.12

    A such a fun spin on the DIY of this year 🙂 love it

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks, Lia!

  19. guler kaya says 8.14.12

    its perfect!

    my new DIY necklace —-> http://gkdone.blogspot.com/2012/08/pink-all-time.html

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      thanks, guler!

  20. Nicole Levine says 8.15.12

    I need to go search for some lace at my parents STAT! Brilliant.

    1. graceatwood says 8.15.12

      yes!! do it!!!

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