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  1. Alyssa Hertzig says 3.19.12

    Obsessed with this!!! I totally want to make this in neon shades. Amazing as usual, Grace! 🙂

  2. Natasha Fatah says 3.19.12

    Wow, that looks so professionally done! It doesn’t have effect of most DIY friendship bracelets – this is really nice and easy to follow!


  3. Laura | Style Notes says 3.19.12

    Great job Grace! I love the colours 🙂

    Laura xo

  4. Candy says 3.19.12

    woah this is the perfect DIY…cute and easy!  and just in time to rock during the summer! great job!


  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Pink + blue is one of my favorite combos at the moment. Makes me want to get crafting ASAP! And I am loving the blog changes! You’re doing a great job! xo

  6. Oh man, I hear ya about the cost of rope jewelry– so ridic! Yours looks fab for a fraction of the price!

  7. Stephanie @ henry happened says 3.19.12

    You are so creative! Love it!

  8. Alyson -- TAGG says 3.19.12

    LOVE this…. want to make a few with different colors! FUnny timing because I just made a crystal headband using the same technique. I was trying to think of how else I could utilize it… perfect! {ps: totally agree… spending more than $20 on rope? pass!}

  9. Alex says 3.19.12

    this is such a great DIY! I don’t usually do DIY but now I’m really inspired to make one!

  10. Viviana Carmona says 3.19.12

    Love this!! You need to write a book that contains all these fabulous DIY projects.

  11. KyboeUSA says 3.19.12

    Can’t wait to try this!

  12. Robina says 3.19.12


  13. Julia Rosinus says 3.19.12

    love this grace!! you are so talented. I wish I had the crafty gene.

  14. Erica @ HonestlyWTF says 3.19.12


  15. Alexa says 3.19.12

    Oh my gosh love the detailing…this came out beautiful Grace.

  16. Denise Atwood says 3.19.12

    love this Grace, I want to go to Michael’s and buy everything!!

  17. Sarah Sequins says 3.19.12

    Beautiful! I bought a rhinestone bracelet for about 25 cents the other day, and now I want to use it for this project. 🙂

  18. Aburdlypeculiar says 3.19.12

    Awesome DIY! I always love the stuff Holst+Lee come up with but they are always too expensive!


  19. Amy says 3.19.12

    great diy grace! can’t wait to try.  And if any would rather make a magnetic closure like the original then follow instructions in this post 

  20. Kristin & Megan says 3.19.12

    So freaking awesome! Love the color combo!

  21. Thoter Thomas. says 3.19.12

    Grace, you’re TOO talented! Love this. Keep up the great work! –TT

  22. Bettina says 3.19.12

    Another fabulous DIY! I love how you get a lot of your supplies online, like on Amazon, it makes it so much easier to buy everything! 

  23. Dora C says 3.19.12

    This looks so pretty 🙂 

  24. You amaze me. That is all.

  25. Gaby says 3.19.12

    WOW, love it!

  26. The Life of Clare says 3.19.12

    This is fantastic!  There’s a lot around with sequins and cotton at the moment!!!

  27. Kate says 3.19.12

    I mean….I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you can do that!! yours looks just as good, (if not better) as the original. 
    <3 Kate

  28. […] Begin by taping your embroidery floss to the rope. Wrap your embroidery floss around the rope once, and then add the chain – wrapping in between the first two crystals. What you will need: DIY: Holst + Lee inspired rope bracelet […]

  29. Acreativedayblog says 3.19.12

    Ahhh so obsessed it looks amazing! 

  30. Erika [small shop] says 3.19.12

    I saw the first photo and thought…no way! And there you go, knocking my socks off again! Could it be so easy? Can you sell your DIYs already? Please?

  31. Tamra Sanford says 3.20.12

    How long does it take you take make this magic?  I tried an experiment today and after a few hours, it was a fail.  But hey, I know practice makes perfect, so I have lots to go.  But I’m even more in AWE now. 

  32. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 3.20.12

    You are so crafty + amazing at these! I would not even know where to begin, seriously perfect!

  33. Molliee Martin says 3.20.12

    wow this is an amazing one! love it

  34. lauren says 3.20.12

    oh my gosh, you are a DIY genius!!!!

  35. Ashley says 3.20.12

    SO CUTE! I totally want to make one of these right now!

  36. Rocks Paper Metal says 3.20.12

    Fabulous DIY! We are loving cord right now too. Must add to our collection ASAP!!!


  37. Jessica says 3.21.12

    LOVE this! adding it to my DIY list… mostly of bracelets of yours that I am crushing on!

  38. Kara Endres says 4.3.12

    Magical! I love these cord jewelry pieces but never knew where to get the cord ends (or what they were called!). I can’t believe how similar yours is to theirs!! Great job! xx

  39. Jessielkirch says 4.18.12

    I’m going to make these

  40. JooJoo says 5.1.12

    The link to your blogpost to read ‘more’ doesn’t seem to work. Can u relink it ?Thanks!!

    1. graceatwood says 5.7.12

      Hi JooJoo,
      Thank you for your note! The problem has now been resolved!

  41. […] Kawa?ek sznurka i miedziane elementy nie mog? kosztowa? wi?cej, ni? $20 prawda? Zrób to sam z Stripes&Sequines. Pi?kne, cho? na granicy plagiatu. Share this:Wi?cejDodaj do ulubionych:Lubi?Be the first to […]

  42. […] With the weather warming up, all I want to do is make summery bracelets – for myself and all of my friends.   For the past few weeks I’ve been playing with rope and chain in attempt to make the “perfect” friendship bracelet, and I think that these come close.  They are fun and easy to make, though it takes a bit of practice and patience at first.  Over the weekend, I made several – and the whole family was infatuated.  My mom + sisters got involved, and now we’re all rocking an arm party.  Give it a try.  Wear one, three, or a whole arm of them!  (If you ask me, they’d look particularly lovely layered with this or this.) […]

  43. […] Detalii pe: http://www.stripesandsequins.com/2012/03/diy-holst-lee-inspired-bracelet.html […]

  44. […] PS – Want a Holst + Lee inspired DIY?  Right this way… […]

  45. Sara says 3.22.13

    I want to make this this weekend– I LOVE IT!!!

  46. Monica Ibrahim says 10.17.13

    Very nice and creative. Loving it Xo

  47. Monica Ibrahim says 10.17.13

    Very nice and creative. Loving it Xo

    please check my blog

  48. DIY Rope Bracelet! says 10.13.14

    […] Via: StripesAndSequins […]

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