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  1. emily says 11.12.12

    This bracelet is fab! Love how chunky it is, such a cute blog.


  2. eurekacrystalbeads says 6.28.13

    Ugh! I love it! Such a simple but neat idea.

  3. Nice! Always loved pearls n chains!

  4. prernakalyani says 9.12.14

    This is pretty 😀

  5. moshkin says 1.11.16

    very beautiful and simple.Given that, we can make this beautiful bracelet by combining different colors.

  6. Misti says 1.12.16

    Hi, Thanks for this cool pattern! I tried the link to the sailor’s knot, but that page is gone. I will google it, but I thought you would want to know. Thank you again. First project looks fun!

  7. Ella barker says 1.13.16

    Love your ideas, please keep them coming

  8. kerri says 3.1.16

    frankly, this bracelet is far more attractive than the one that ‘inspired’ it – it is just the style in which I delight and once I make one for me, it shall be my birthday gift for the year — classy and fun to wear

  9. Lillie says 6.11.16

    Very beautiful. I love it. Thank you for sharing your designs with us.

  10. Cricket Booth says 10.15.16

    The end shot looked magnificent!! You have beautiful hands, not at all pasty and chubby lol. I love the contrast of the brass chain with the crispness of the white pearls. I wonder if you could sub gold chain with a cream pearl or a brown/chocolate chain with pink pearls if the look wiukd be as dramatic and pretty?
    Thank you for such a great fit project! Love it!

  11. Kay says 11.20.16

    Like it.

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